American Deli’s Menu & Prices 2022

American Deli’s Menu & Prices: Are you crazy about Wings! American Deli is known for its delicious wings. Make sure to check out their most recent menu before you go. Let’s look at their most recent menu and prices in this post.

American Deli’s menu includes wings, Philly steaks, fried rice and gyros as well as burgers, chicken tenders, gyros and fish. These are usually less expensive than other fast-food chains.

I hope this gives you a good idea of their menu. However, the entire menu is listed below. Additional information, such as contact information, franchise information and nutrition information has been added. Let’s now see their menu. But before we do that, let us take a look at their past.

American Deli serves fast food and sushi at its casual American restaurant. In 1989, Tom Dahl and Ken Reimer founded the restaurant. Atlanta, Georgia was the first American Deli to open. After seeing the success of the first American Deli, the company opened their second location immediately. American Deli has since opened 100 restaurants across the United States.

American Deli Menu Prices

American Deli is mainly famous for the wings. Depending on your requirements, you can select the number of wings that you want. You can also try their Philly Steak if you don’t enjoy wings.

You can also order a burger, chicken tenders or gyros as well as fish, shrimp, Reuben and sides. Are you looking for something healthier? Order salads or subs.

American Deli’s Menu & Prices

You can also bring your friends and family to enjoy the American Deli menu without having to spend a lot. Let’s now see the American Deli Menu Prices.


Wings 6pc 10pc 15pc 20pc
Wings Meal (Fries + Drink) $8.61 $11.49 $16.09 $20.69
Wings ONLY $6.54 $9.19 $13.79 $18.39
Wings 30pc 40pc 50pc 75pc 100pc
Family Pack $27.59 $36.79 $45.99 $66.69 $89.69


Philly Meal (Fries + Drink) $9.19
Philly ONLY $7.46
Philly + Wing (5pc) Combo $12.64

Fried Rice

Fried Rice + Wing (5pc) Combo $12.64
Fried Rice Beef Chicken Shrimp Vegetable
Fried Rice ONLY $8.04 $8.04 $9.19 $6.89


Burger ONLY $7.46
Burger Meal (Fries + Drink) $9.19

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders Meal (Fries + Drink) $9.19
Chicken Tenders (4pc) ONLY $7.46


Gyro ONLY $7.46


Fish 2pc Tilapia 2pc Whiting
Fish Meal (Fries + Drink) $10.34 $9.19
Fish + Shrimp (4pc) Combo $12.64 $11.49
Fish + Wing (5pc) Combo $13.79
Fish ONLY $8.04


Shrimp Meal (Fries + Drink) $10.34
Shrimp ONLY $8.04


Salads Chef Fried Chicken Garden Grilled Chicken
Salad + Wings (5pc) Combo $12.06 $12.06 $10.91 $12.06
Salad ONLY $6.89 $6.89 $5.74 $6.89


Sub Meal (Fries + Drink) $8.61
Sub + Wings (5pc) Combo $12.06
Sub ONLY $6.89


Reuben + Wings (5pc) Combo $12.64
Reuben Meal (Fries + Drink) $9.19
Reuben ONLY $7.46


Sides Medium Large
Fries $2.86 $4.01


Drinks Medium Drink (20 oz.) Large Drink (30 oz.)
Drink $2.17 $2.63

American Deli Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information

So that customers can find their nutrition information easily, chain restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese post it on their websites. Click the link to see the nutritional breakdown for all items on the American Deli menu.

American Deli Franchising Information

American Deli operates around 100 locations across the U.S., in states such as Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina. It is possible to open an American Deli location. This is the price you will need to pay.

Initial Investment $177,200 – $484,950
Initial Franchise Fee $35,000

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American Deli Contact Information

American Deli Corporate Office Address- 2716 Northeast Expy, Atlanta, GA 30345, United States.

American Deli Corporate Phone Number– +1 404-254-3444

You can also contact the team of American Deli by using the contact form on their website.

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