Barista Lavazza Menu With Prices

Barista Lavazza Menu With Prices

Barista Lavazza Menu: The majority of tourists who travel to India do not know about the most popular Coffee chain in India. If you want to learn about them, you’re in the right place. In this article, I will give you the name of a barista, a coffee shop chain. Lavazza.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll give you more details so that when you go to Barista Lavazza Menu, you’ll be able to understand which is the most popular Indian Coffee chain. The information I’ll give you will include Barista Lavazza Menu prices, contact details, franchise information as well as a breakdown of the nutritional content of the products on Barista Lavazza Menu.

I’ll start with the background first. Barista Coffee Company Limited began Barista in 2000. The first store they opened was in Delhi. Today they own more than 220 stores and over 2,422 workers. their headquarters is located in Delhi.

Barista Lavazza Menu With Prices

Barista Lavazza Menu Prices

Barista Lavazza Menu includes definitive hot classics in cups, refreshing and tasty cold coffee, cold smoothies and delicious teas top-quality and most indulgent coffee, and fresh and rejuvenating lemonade.

Barista Lavazza Menu also has drinks for people who aren’t a fan of coffee. they call non-coffees. They can also restore mojitos and fortifying them with an apricot and lemon flavor.

Barista Lavazza Menu also has the main menu, in which you can find eatables and mouthwatering fast bites, delicious sandwiches and desserts nutritious and healthy salads with pasta, vibrant biryani bowls, and delicious rolls with cakes.

Barista Lavazza is famous for its variety of foods and beverages. The coffee they serve is made by the traditional Italian method and nobody could match them in this ability. Their staff is warm and friendly, and the environment of their café is serene and friendly with the perfect atmosphere for relaxing.


Hot Classics

Hot Classics Small Regular Large
Espresso ₹130 ₹165 N/A
Affogato N/A ₹165 N/A
Capanna N/A ₹165 N/A
Cafe Americano ₹145 ₹185 ₹210
Cappucino ₹170 ₹200 ₹220
Flat White ₹200 ₹230 ₹260
Cafe Latte ₹190 ₹210 ₹230
Cafe Mocha ₹235 ₹265 ₹285
Cafe Macchiato ₹140 ₹170 N/A
Hot Chocolate ₹215 ₹260 ₹280

Barista Lavazza Menu Tea

Tea Price
Ginger Honey ₹185
Assam Tea ₹185
Masala Tea ₹185
Green/Earl Grey Tea ₹185
Darjeeling Tea ₹185

Barista Lavazza Menu Quenchers

Signature Special Small Regular
Brownie Frappe ₹375 ₹410
Barista Blast ₹350 ₹385
Barista Frappe ₹295 ₹330
Barista ₹210 ₹245
Mango Affair ₹285 ₹315
Chocolate Tiramisu ₹285 ₹315
Chocolate Smoothie ₹280 ₹330
Thick Smoothies Small Regular
Berry Frappe ₹260 ₹300
Rose Faluda ₹260 ₹300
Orange Carrot & Peach ₹315 ₹345
Strawberry Cheesecake ₹315 ₹345
Oatmeal ₹295 ₹315
Chillers Small Regular
Orangina ₹255 ₹285
Iced Americano ₹175 ₹210
Iced Cafe Mocha ₹265 ₹295
Green Apple Lemonade ₹250 ₹280
Fizzy Lemongrass ₹250 ₹270
Breezy Apple Splash ₹250 ₹270
Lemon Mint Ginger ₹240 ₹270
Iced Teas/Mojitos Small Regular
Lemon Iced Tea ₹205 ₹235
Peach Iced Tea ₹205 ₹235
Classic Mojito ₹230 ₹260

Barista Lavazza Menu Add-Ons

Add Ons Price
Whipped Cream ₹50
Vanilla Flavour ₹50
Irish Cream Flavour ₹50
Hazelnut Flavour ₹50
Chocolate Fudge ₹50
Espresso Shot ₹50
Vanilla IC ₹50
Caramel Sauce ₹50

Barista Lavazza Menu Food

Coffee Companion

Coffee Companion Price
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie ₹110
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ₹110
Choco Chip Muffin ₹180
Blueberry Muffin ₹180
Indulgent Almond Muffin ₹180
Lemon Cake ₹120
Marble Cake ₹120

Barista Lavazza Menu Quick Bites

Quick Bites Price
Plain Croissant ₹140
Veg Puff ₹115
Chicken Puff ₹135
Corn Garlic Toastie ₹100
Cheesy Chicken Mushroom Toastie ₹160
Chicken Seekh Roll ₹215

Barista Lavazza Menu Roll

Roll Price
Achari Paneer ₹210
Achari Chicken ₹235

Barista Lavazza Menu Sandwich

Sandwich Price
Smoked Chicken ₹270
Spinach and Corn ₹220
Paneer Tikka ₹200
Chicken Tikka ₹225
Tomato Basil Focaccia ₹250
Junglee Chicken ₹230

Barista Lavazza Menu Light Meals

Light Meals Price
Veg Momos ₹130
Chicken Momos ₹140
Alfredo Pasta ₹210
Arrabbiata Pasta ₹210

Barista Lavazza Menu Biryani

Biryani Price
Vegetable Biryani ₹220
Chicken Biryani ₹265

Barista Lavazza Menu Dessert Indulgence

Dessert Indulgence Price
Dark Temptation ₹295
Wicked Brownie ₹295
Chocolate Brownie ₹220
Brownie Fondente ₹200
Die Another Day ₹449
Chocolate Muffin Burst ₹299

Barista Lavazza Menu Cake

Cake 500 g 1 Kg
Truly Truffle ₹535 ₹945
Double Delight ₹535 ₹945
Choco Caramel Duet ₹535 ₹945
Pineapple N Cream ₹535 ₹945
Coffee N Almond ₹535 ₹945
Chocolate Express ₹640 ₹1225

Barista Lavazza Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Barista Lavazza Franchise Details

Barista Lavazza has more than 220 stores as of 2019 with more than 2,422 employees in countries like India, Sri Lanka, and India. If you want to open a Barista Lavazza franchised store, here is the cost then.

Total Investment ₹50,0000

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Official Website
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Barista Lavazza Contact Information

Barista Lavazza Corporate Office Address: Barista Coffee Company Limited 368 – 369 Sultanpur MG Road, New Delhi -110030, India.

Barista Lavazza Corporate Office Email Address:

To contact the team of Barista Lavazza you can fill the contact form on their website.

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