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Big John’s Menu Flint: If you’re looking to spend time with your pals this weekend and you are looking for a place to hang out, you’ll find that Big John Steak and Onion is a great option. In this article, I’ll give you the most recent Big John Steak and Onion menu and prices.

When you are dining out or ordering online, look up Big John Steak and Onion Food Prices. This will allow you to make your order according to your preferences and budget.

Big John's Menu Flint 2021

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Big John Steak & Onion previously Slick-Chick, Inc., is a sub sandwich chain that is regional in its operation. The name comes from a nickname used by the founder of the chain. In 1973 John E. Klobucar founded Big John Steak and Onion. Its specialty is a freshly Grilled Steak & Onion Sub.

Big John Steak & Onion Big John Combos Menu Prices

6 Inches Combo $1.55 buy any 6 inches sub – add chips and 20 oz beverage
8 Inches $1.75 buy and 8 Inches sub – add chips and 32 oz beverages

Big John Steak & Onion Beverages Menu Prices

Dr. Pepper $1.19 – $1.39
Coke $1.19 – $1.39
Sprite $1.19 – $1.39
Lemonade $1.19 – $1.39
Coffee $0.85
Diet Coke $1.19 – $1.39
Iced Tea $1.19 – $1.39

Big John Steak & Onion Hot Subs Menu Prices

Super Fried Ham and Cheese $4.45 – $8.90
Fried Ham and Cheese $3.75 – $7.50
Philly Chicken $4.15 – $8.30

Big John Steak & Onion Big Burger Subs Menu Prices

Supreme Burger Deluxe $3.65 – $7.30
Mushroom Cheeseburger $3.59 – $7.18
Cheeseburger $3.09 – $6.18
Extra Meat $1.20 – $2.40
BBQ Cheeseburger $3.55 – $7.10

Big John Steak & Onion Party Subs Menu Prices

4 Footer $39.95 feeds 25-30
3 Footer $29.95 feeds 18-20
5 Footer $49.95 feeds 30-35

Big John Steak & Onion Cold Subs Menu Prices

Super Italian $4.45 – $8.90
Ham and Cheese $3.75 – $7.50
Spicy Italian $3.75 – $7.50
Super Ham and Cheese $4.45 – $8.90
Vegetarian $3.25 – $6.50
Super Mixed Meats and Cheese $3.65 – $7.30
Club Sub $3.75 – $7.50
Turkey $3.85 – $7.70
Mixed Meats and Cheese $2.95 – $5.90

Big John Steak & Onion Soup and Sides Menu Prices

Cookies and Other Snacks $0.79
Pickles $0.89
Potato Chips $0.69
Chili with Cheddar Cheese $1.49
Texas-Style Chili $1.29

Big John Steak & Onion Extras Menu Prices

For 6 Inches Subs $0.50 mushrooms or green peppers
For 16 Inches Subs $1.00 mushrooms or green peppers
For 6 Inches Subs $0.25 cheese, olives, or extra hot peppers
For 16 Inches Subs $0.50 cheese, olives, or extra hot peppers
For 8 Inches Subs $0.50 mushrooms or green peppers
For 8 Inches Subs $0.25 cheese, olives, or extra hot peppers

Big John Steak & Onion 6 Inches Subs Menu Prices

Turkey $2.90
Vegetarian $2.25
Steak and Onion $2.95
Mixed Meats and Cheese $2.25
Ham and Cheese $2.90
Cheeseburger $2.25
Spicy Italian $2.90

Big John Steak & Onion Salads Menu Prices

Antipasto $2.99
Large Garden Salad $1.89
Small Garden Salad $0.99

Big John Steak & Onion Steak and Onion Subs Menu Prices

the original steak and onion sandwich is 100% ribeye steak thinly sliced, cooked to perfection, and piled on a fresh Italian sub roll, served with or without onions, hot peppers are free on request

BBQ Steak and Cheese $4.35 – $8.70
Steak and Cheese $4.25 – $8.50
Steak and Mushrooms $4.25 – $8.50
Original Steak and Onion $3.75 – $7.50
Super Steak $4.95 – $9.90
Super Steak and Cheese $5.45 – $10.90
Super Steak, Cheese, and Mushrooms $5.75 – $11.50
Steak, Cheese, and Mushrooms $4.55 – $9.10

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About Big John Steak & Onion

Big John Steak and Onion has been an integral part of the Flint Tradition since 1972! There are currently 16 Big John locations throughout Mid-Michigan. Our specialty is a freshly Grilled Steak & Onion Sub. We use only 100 percent Ribeye Steak thinly cut into slices cooked, served and served with or without onion, and then spiced to perfection and then served on fresh Baked Italian Sub Roll.

John E. Klobucar opened his first Big John Steak & Onion Restaurant in the area of South Dort Highway in Flint, Michigan. “Big” John had been in the restaurant business for several years before he was inspired to open a sub shop. He was looking for an open kitchen so that his customers could view the steak cooking in the charcoal grill. He would always offer his customers who worked hard an ample portion of Steak to ensure that they would never go hungry. In the beginning, he had only a small menu of his Original Steak & Onion Sub as well as the Koegel, Koegel, Italian, and a Ham and Cheese Sub. There are now numerous more options to pick from.

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