Burger Fuel Menu Prices

Burger Fuel Menu Prices 

Burger Fuel Menu Prices: Are you a fan of burgers and want to visit a restaurant where you can sample new varieties of hamburgers? If yes then I’m here to tell you that you must go to Burger Fuel. You’ll be enthralled by the wide variety of burgers on offer.

Burger Fuel is an area where you can revive your appetite with amazing food items such as Banoffee Boss, American motor single, thunderbird V-twin Vege, Bambina, fried in a variety of flavors and to enhance the flavor of these meals, are served with different sauces too.

On this page, I’ll discuss how much the Burger Fuel menu prices. Additionally, I will also inform you the cost you’ll require to open a franchised location and how to contact them, and how nutritious it is to eat their meals. First, let’s check the history of their company.

Burger Fuel Menu Prices

Burger Fuel Menu Prices

Burger Fuel’s menu has a large assortment of burgers that are separated into various categories like salubrious grass-fed meat and amazing Free Range Chicken, healthy minis of plant-powdered savory burgers. Their menus also offer a selection of drinks, sides, and sauces you can take along with your meals.

Burger Fuel burgers are very delicious and delicious. They offer 100% pure New Zealand grass-fed beef and they create food on a daily basis. The staff they have had are warm and welcoming.

The prices at Burger Fuel are reasonable when compared with other fast-food chains since the majority of their food items cost less than $30.00. Therefore, before you go we’ll look over the most recent menu at Burger Fuel.

Burger Fuel Menu Specials

Smack and Cheese $14.90
Smack and Cheese Feed $19.90
Banoffee Boss $7.50
Beyond Beleaf $10.00
Sweet as Tartar Fries W Aioli $6.60

Burger Fuel Menu Grass-Fed Beef

Alternative Muscle $14.90
CN Cheese $13.70
American Muscle Single $11.70
American Muscle Double $16.70
BioFuel $12.50
Bastard $16.70
Fork Freakout $14.50
Bacon BBQ Roadster $16.50
Babina $8.50
Hamburger with Cheese $6.90

Burger Fuel MenuFree-Range Chicken

Bacon Backfire $14.70
Thunderbird $11.90
Burnout $14.90
Chook Royale $8.50

Burger Fuel Menu Plant-Powdered

Beyond Belief $10.00
V8 Vegan $13.90
V-Twin Vege $12.90
Combustion Tofu Large $13.50
Combustion Tofu $8.50

Burger Fuel Menu Minis and Kids Meals

Babina $8.50
Hamburg in With Cheese $6.90
Chook Royale $8.50
Combustion Tofu $8.50
Kids Cheeseburger Meal $9.80
Kids Natural Nuggets Meal $9.80

Burger Fuel Menu Burger Fuel Menu Sides

Sweet As Tartar Fries W Aioli $6.60
Sprud Fries with Aioli $5.60
Kumara Fries with Aioli $6.60
Chicken Fenders $8.50
Motobites $7.90

Burger Fuel Menu Thick Shakes and Drinks

Banoffee Boss $8.50
Thickshake $8.50
Soy Thickshake $8.50
Coke 330ML $5.00
Coke NO Sugar 330ML $5.00
Diet Coke 330ML $5.00
Sprite 330ML $5.00
L&P 330ML $5.00
Fanta 330ML $5.00
Phoenix Organic Cola $5.50
Most Organic Apple Orange and Mango $5.0
Most Organic Apple and Feijoa $5.50
Pump 750ML $4.50

Burger Fuel Menu Burger Fuel Menu Sauces

Free Range BurgerFuel Aioli $1.20
Free Range BurgerFuel Lemon Aioli $1.20
Free Range BurgerFuel Chipotle Aioli $1.20
Tomato Sauce $1.00
BurgerFuel Vegan Aioli $1.60

Burger Fuel Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information burgerfuel.com/nutritionalinformation/

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items you can order in Burger Fuel, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Burger Fuel Franchise Details

Burger Fuel has more than 88 locations in the countries like New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and in the United States. So if you are interested in opening the Burger Fuel franchised store, then here is the cost below.

Franchise Fee $400,000 – $550,000
Franchise Territory Fee $40,000
Training Fee $15,000
Royalty 7% of gross and sales

Important Links

Official Website burgerfuel.com/nz/
Order Online burgerfuel.com/nz/orderonline/
Locations burgerfuel.com/nz/locations/
Career burgerfuel.com/nz/career/
Vib burgerfuel.com/nz/vib-sign-up/

Burger Fuel Contact Information

Burger Fuel Corporate Office Address: Grey Lynn Auckland, NZ

Burger Fuel Corporate Office Phone Number: 093766007

To contact the team of Burger Fuel, you can also fill the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook Page: facebook.com/burgerfuel

Instagram Account: instagram.com/burgerfuel/

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/burgerfuel


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