Bush’s Chicken Menu With Prices

Bush’s Chicken Menu With Prices

Many people work all weekend so they want to relax, travel and explore. Bush’s Chicken has delicious and tasty food this weekend. In the next lines, I’ll tell you about the latest menu at Bush’s Chicken.

Bush’s Chicken offers the highest quality food. They have a variety of food options, including tenders, chicken tenders, gallon on tea, and tender roll meals. These food items are all affordable, so anyone can eat a meal for less than $20.00.

This information is a summary of the entire menu. I will also provide details about Bush’s Chicken prices, contact information, and nutritional breakdown for each item on their Chicken menu. Let’s first look at Bush’s Chicken’s history.

Bush’s Chicken, a fast-food restaurant that serves fried chicken, was founded in Waco, Texas in 1996 by Keith Bush. Their headquarters is located in Waco and they have over 90 locations in five cities.

Bush’s Chicken Menu With Prices

Bush’s Menu Prices

Bush’s Chicken is known for its tender meals, which are suitable for both individuals and families. Your choice of 2-4 or 8 tender pieces, or 16-20 or 30 tender pieces for your family meal.

Bush’s Chicken offers chicken for both families and individuals, as the name implies. They offer a variety of chicken dishes, including a fried chicken selection, and delicious beverages like tea, coffee, tea, a gallon, tea, coke, and Dr. Peppers’s products.

They offer livers and gizzards 8pc meals and 12pc meals; side dishes like delicious french fries, country coleslaw, buffalo fries; baked salad; pies with different flavors strawberry lemon apple; for children, they offer savory food (2) tender and (1) leg

Bush’s Chicken is known for serving the finest chicken and will continue to offer the finest tea, tenders, and chicken. Bush’s Chicken is a favorite place for families to take their children, friends, and loved ones. People return to Bush’s Chicken because of the politeness and humility of their staff.

Bush’s Chicken Menu Prices are reasonable and affordable. However, some prices can be quite high but people don’t consider that because they offer such great services. Let’s not waste any more time and move on to the Bush’s Chicken Menu Price List.

Bush’s Chicken Menu Tenders Individual Meals

(2) Tenders $6.39
(4) Tenders $8.79
(6) Tenders $10.59

Bush’s Chicken Menu Tender Family Foods

(16) Tenders $28.39
(20) Tenders $33.39
(30) Tenders $45.99

Bush’s Chicken Menu Tenders

(4) Tenders (1 Roll) $6.39
(6) Tenders (1 Roll) $8.79
(16) Tenders (1 Roll) $23.79
(20) Tenders (1 Roll) $28.79

Bush’s Chicken Menu Individual Chicken Meals

1 pc $5.99
(2) Chicken $7.99
(3) Chicken $9.99

Bush’s Chicken Menu Chicken Family Meals

Mix 10PCs $28.79
Mix 15PCs $34.99

Bush’s Chicken Menu Chicken

2pc Mix (1 roll) $4.99
8pc Mix (4 rolls) $13.99
3PC Mix (1 Roll). $6.99
10pc Mix (5 rolls) $19.99
15pc Mix (10 rolls) $27.99

Bush’s Chicken Menu Gizzards and Livers

8pc $6.49
8 pc Meal $7.99
12pc $8.99
12pc Meal $10.29

Bush’s Chicken Menu Tender Rolls

(2) Tender Roll Meal $6.49

Bush’s Chicken Menu Kids Meals

(2) Tender $5.89
(1) Leg $5.89

Bush’s Chicken Menu Sides

Mashed Potatoes $2.29
French Fries $2.29
Okra $2.29
Country Coleslaw $2.29
Green Beans $2.29
Corn Nuggets $2.29
Mac and Cheese $2.49
Jalapenos $0.25
Pepper Poppers $2.49

Bush’s Chicken Menu Drinks

Large (32oz) Tea $0.99
Gallon of Tea $3.19

Bush’s Chicken Menu Coke & Dr. Pepper Products

Coke & Dr. Pepper Products Medium (20oz). $1.50
Large 32oz Coke & Dr. Pepper Products $1.99

Bush’s Chicken Menu Buffalo Fries

Buffalo Fries $8.99

Bush’s Chicken Menu Specials

8PC Mix 4 Rolls $11.99

Bush’s Chicken Menu Extras

Crispy or baked salad $6.99

Bush’s Chicken Menu Pies

Apple $1.99
Strawberry $1.99

Bush’s Chicken Menu Sandwich

Bushbaby Chicken Sandwich $4.99

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Information fatsecret.com/bushschicken/

Click on the link above to check the nutrition information for the Bush’s Chicken items.

Information about Bush’s Chicken

Bush’s Chicken operates more than 90 locations across the United States, including in Arizona, Colorado, South Texas, Arizona, and West Texas. The table below contains information for those who are interested in opening a franchise.

Franchise Fee $30,000
Royalty Gross Sales 5%
License Fee $25,000
Minimum Net Worth $1 Million
Liquid Capital $500,000

Important Links

Official Website bushschicken.com/
Localization bushschicken.com/locations/
Catering bushschicken.com/catering/
Career bushschicken.com/career/

Bush’s Contact Information

Bush’s Chicken Corporate Office: 9000 Austin Ave. Suite 1200 Waco, TX 76701 (or P.O. Box 2028 Waco (TX 76703).

Bush’s Chicken Corporate Office Telephone Number: 254-756-529

You can contact Bush’s Chicken by filling out the Contact Form on their website.

Social Media Links

Facebook Page: facebook.com/bushschicken/

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/bushschicken/

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