Chama Gaucha Lunch Price

Chama Gaucha Lunch Price

Chama Gaucha Lunch Price: is a Brazilian restaurant th

Chama Gaucha is a Brazilian steakhouse, sometimes referred to as rodizios. Joao Carlos Ongaratto established one of the original Chama Gaucha in San Antonio, Texas. The restaurant has since become very loved across America. The United States.

Chama Gaucha Lunch Price

Chama Gaucha Menu Prices

at offers, unlimited quantities of delicious cuts of meat slow-cooked in a Brazilian style. You can take a break and learn about their latest menu if you are planning to go.

Chama Gaucha is known for its Brazilian style of cooking meat. They offer lunch and dinner options that cater to all ages. You can also find appetizers and side dishes such as a gourmet cheese platter, sausage 1lb, and 4 jumbo asparagus, and grilled green beans.

Chama Gaucha’s menu includes Picanha the house specialty that consists of a top sirloin steak, bacon-wrapped filet, beef, and pork drumsticks, ribs of chicken as well as pork rib eye, garlic sirloin as well as racks of lamb just to name some.

You can also purchase appetizers and other sides like gourmet cheese wood platters as well as grilled green beans caramelized bananas, and much more.

While keeping the high-quality food Genghis Grill menu prices are affordable. It is possible to get an excellent meal at around $15.

So, let’s look over Chama Gaucha’s menu, including prices.

Lunch Hours & Pricing (Monday-Friday: 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm)

Lunch $42.00
Lunch Salad Only $29.00
Kids Lunch 4-7  $16.00
Kids Lunch 8-11 $25.00

Weekend Lunch (Monday-Friday: 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm)

Weekend Lunch $42.00

Dinner Hours & Pricing (Monday – Thursday: 5pm-10pm, Fri – Sat: 5pm-11pm, Sun: 12pm-9pm)

Dinner $55.00
Dinner salad bar $33.00
3 & Under Complimentary
Ages 4-7 $20
Ages 8-11 $32

Chama Gaucha Lunch Price Appetizers & Sides

Gourmet Cheese Wood Platter $9
Gourmet Cheese Small Plate $5
Sausage 1lb $9
4 Jumbo Asparagus $5
French Fries $3
Mashed Potatoes $2
Grilled Green Beans $3
Caramelized Bananas $2
Black Beans $2

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Chama Gaucha Contact Information

Chama Gaucha Corporate Office Address– 325 E Sonterra Blvd Suite 240, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States

Chama Gaucha Phone Number– +1 210-267-9022

You can also contact the team of Chama Gaucha by using the contact form on their website.

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