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Chuck e Cheese Menu Deals: The most current Chuck E. Cheese menu price for you. Chuck E. Cheese’s is a chain of family entertainment centers in the U.S. that offers wholesome family entertainment in a relaxed setting. Kids can be entertained for hours climbing and playing on the rides, or spending their money for games on video games. Famous as a pizza place, Chuck E. Cheese’s also serves sandwiches, wings as well as wraps, salads, and sandwiches. Don’t forget to make some room for dessert.

Chuck e Cheese Menu Deals 2021

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Latest Chuck E. Cheese’s Menu Prices.

Food Cal Price

Chuck e Cheese Value Deals

1 Medium Pizza (1 Topping Pizza), 2 Soft Drinks, 15 Game Tokens 1730 $19.99
1 Large Pizza (1 Topping Pizza), 4 Soft Drinks, 30 Game Tokens 2468 $29.99
1 Large Pizza (1 Topping Pizza), 4 Soft Drinks, 80 Game Tokens 2468 $39.99
2 Large Pizza (Two 1 Topping Pizzas), 4 Soft Drinks, 70 Game Tokens 4496 $49.99

Chuck e Cheese Token Packages

30 Tokens $10.00
80 Tokens $20.00
150 Tokens (Best Value) $30.00

Chuck e Cheese Pizzas

Individual Cheese 517 $5.99
Toppings (ea.) $0.89
Medium Cheese 1510 $9.99
Toppings (ea.) $1.79
Large Cheese 2028 $12.99
Toppings (ea.) $1.99

Chuck e Cheese Specialty Pizzas

Super Combo (Medium) 179 $12.99
Super Combo (Large) 201 $16.99
All Meat Combo (Medium) 187 $12.99
All Meat Combo (Large) 216 $16.99
BBQ Chicken (Medium) 146 $12.99
BBQ Chicken (Large) 196 $16.99
Vegetarian (Medium) 160 $12.99
Vegetarian (Large) 179 $16.99
Gluten-Free 370 $5.99

Chuck e Cheese Beverages Menu Prices

Adult Soft Drink 110 $1.99
Kids Soft Drink 90 $1.79
Iced Tea 0 $1.99
Bottled Water 0 $1.99
Milk 103 $1.69
Apple Juice 120 $1.69
Coffee 10 $1.69
Regular Beer 153 $2.99
Large Beer 260 $3.99

Chuck e Cheese Salad Bar 2021

All You Can Eat Salad 150 $6.99
Add Chicken 280 $1.79

Chuck e Cheese Buffalo Wings

Traditional Wings or Boneless Wings

Small (serves approx. 2) 156 $8.99
Family (serves approx. 4) 312 $17.49
Party (serves approx. 6) 468 $25.99

Chuck e Cheese Entrees

Chicken Ciabatta 650 $6.99
Ham & Cheese Ciabatta 621 $6.99
Italian Sub 729 $6.99
Hot Dog 346 $3.99
Adult Chicken Nuggets 378 $8.99
Kids Chicken Nuggets 189 $3.99

Chuck e Cheese Additions

Sampler Platter 2196 $17.99
Cheesy Breadsticks 110 $5.49
Large French Fries 645 $1.99
Apple Dessert Pizza 106 $2.99
Cinnamon Sticks 68 $2.99
8″ Round Cake 290 $9.99
Gluten-Free Cupcake 380 $2.99

More Information on Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s – Store Coupons

Are you looking to find strategies to reduce your expenses? Take a look at Chuck E. Cheese’s site and print coupons for the store.

Kid Check(r) from Chuck E. Cheese’s

Everyone in the group receives a distinctive hand stamp upon entering. This handstamp will be checked at the time of departure to confirm that everyone in the group is in the same group.

Clean & Open Environment at Chuck E. Cheese’s

The entire restaurant along with the playground is kept clean and disinfected all day long.

Chuck E. Cheese’s – Kids’ Corner

Visitors can also take advantage of everything Chuck E. has to offer, even when at home. Go to the official site, then head on to the kids’ corner and have a blast learning and having an enjoyable. The kids can play games online download apps, play videos as well as print coloring pages to Download awesome Chuck E. Cheese’s wallpaper.

The Ticket to Your Next Celebration

Chuck E. Cheese’s is the perfect place for your birthday celebration or fundraising event or any other gathering. Chuck E. Cheese and his team will handle every detail while you and your friends take pleasure in all the video games.

Chuck E-Club(r)

Make sure you join to join the Chuck E-Club. Parents will enjoy the benefits that include discounts and offers on tokens, details on new menu items along with special deals, and child-friendly activities.

History of Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s was established around 1977, in 1977 by Nolan Bushnell and it was thought to be the first restaurant for families that combined entertainment and food all in one location. The popularity of the restaurant continues to increase despite the tough competition and remains an instant hit with children. In 2009, there are 542 Chuck E. Cheese locations all over the United States.

For more information on Chuck E. Cheese’s, visit their official website


What are the prices for Chuck E Cheese?

Cheese’s Our All You Can Play starts at only $10 for 30 minutes There are options to purchase the length of time that is suitable for you and your loved ones. You can play for as long as the length of the time you purchase, with the option to stop the game at any time during meals or take time out from the game.

How do you get a free pizza from Chuck E Cheese?

Here’s how you can score an unbeatable pizza at Chuck E. Cheese. It’s simple and no need to purchase anything! If you sign up to join the Chuck E. Cheese’s More Cheese Rewards program and you’ll be able to get the chance to get a one-topping pizza for free when you visit the store again.

Does Chuck E Cheese sell beer?

Cheese’s is now serving wine and beer, however, according to representatives from the company they’ve served alcohol for years. … “From the beginning, we’ve served alcohol but there is a two-drink limit for drinkers,” Linn states. This policy is in place in the 500 plus the corporate-owned store.

Can a 1-year-old go to Chuck E Cheese?

Chuck E. Cheese caters to the foods that children love while offering you the security of knowing your child is safe and secure to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the celebration!

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