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Cornwall Pasty Company Menu With Prices

We all have busy schedules and need to eat quick bites. Cornish Pasty Company offers traditional Cornish Pasty. You can enjoy a wide variety of pastries and other foods at the restaurant, which is open all day. Continue reading for more information and the prices of West Cornwall Pasty Company.

Cornish pasties are a hallmark of the West Cornwall Pasty Company. You can also try their other pasties such as cheese & bacon pasties and lamb & mint pasties. You can enjoy a variety of hot and cold beverages like Americano, coffee, coconut crush smoothies, and strawberry frappe. There are also snacks such as regular salty crisps, sweet and salty popcorns, and all-butter flakey. These food items can be purchased at prices starting at PS1 and ending at PS3.

The West Cornwall Pasty Company Menu With Prices

Scroll down to see the full menu and prices. You will also find important information about The West Cornwall Pasty Company. You just need to keep reading. Learn about the nutritional content of the food products and franchising details. You will also find social media handles. Let’s now look at the history of The West Cornwall pasty Company.

Ken Cocking founded the West Cornwall Pasty Company in 1998. Since 2017, Mark and David Samworth have owned it. It is a UK-based fast-food company that sells pastries. It has 51 locations and is headquartered in Cornwall.

West Cornwall Pasty Company Menu Price

Cornish pasties can be quick and easy to make, but they are just as nutritious as a full meal. While I walk, pasties are a favorite snack. This is a delicious, filling meal that has a variety of delicious flavors and crispy crust. The West Cornwall Pasty Shop is the best place to get one.

A cup of West Cornwall coffee is the perfect way to get your day started. There are many hot and cold options. I have tried hot chocolate, espresso, and latte.

Although the West Cornwall Pasty Company is known for its pasties, it also offers other delicious food options that are worth trying. There are many options available to you once you visit the West Cornwall Pasty Shop. What are you waiting to do? You can visit the store to experience the delicious food in a comfortable setting.

The West Pasty shop offers sweet treats, snacks and savory rolls. My favorite picks are the raspberry bakewell, triple chocolate butter shortbread and sausage roll. If you want to learn more about West Cornwall Pasty Company, take a look at the price tables.

Cornwall Pasty  Breakfast

Bacon Roll PS2.75
Cumberland Sausage & Bacon roll PS3.75
Cumberland Sausage Roll PS2.75
Hash Roll PS0.50
Breakfast Deal PS3.25
Jumbo Bacon Roll PS4.25
Big Breakfast Roll PS3.25
Extra Bacon Rasher PS3.95
Porridge PS0.50
Omelette Roll PS2.65

Cornwall Pasty  Hot Drinks

Cheese & Bacon Pasty PS3.95
Pasty with Cheese & Onion PS3.95/PS4.95
Cheese, Tomato & Basil Pasty PS3.95
Pasty with Chicken and Bacon PS3.95
Chicken & Chorizo Pasty PS3.95
Pasta with Chicken and Mushrooms PS4.95
Pasty made with lamb & mint PS3.95
Steak & Stilton Pasty PS4.95
Steak & Tribute Ale Pasty PS4.95
Traditional Pasty from the ‘Beast’ PS5.95
Cornish Pasty Traditional PS3.95/ 4.95
Wheatmeal Vegetable Pasty PS3.95
Raging Bull Pasty PS4.95

Cornwall Pasty  Hot Drinks

Americano PS2.00/PS2.30
Cappuccino PS2.25/PS2.60
Espresso PS1.45
Latte PS2.25/PS2.60
Macchiato PS1.75
Mocha PS2.50/PS2.85
Extra Shot Of Coffee PS0.50
Americano Decaf PS2.00/PS2.30
Cappuccino Decaf PS2.25/PS2.60
Espresso Decaf PS1.45
Latte Decaf PS2.25/PS2.60
Macchiato Decaf PS1.75
Mocha Decaf PS2.50/PS2.85
Shot Coffee Decaf PS0.50
Hot Chocolate PS2.45/PS2.85
Specialty tea PS1.85/PS1.95
Tea PS1.75/PS1.95

Cornwall Pasty  Snacks

All Butter Flapjack PS1.55
Salted and Baked Cashews PS1.49
Baked Sweet Chili Peanuts and Cashews PS1.49
Caramelized Sesame Peanuts PS1.49
Caramel Slice PS1.49
Chocolate Brownie PS1.00
Chocolate Caramel Shortbread PS1.55
Chocolate Chip Flapjack PS1.55
Luxurious Fruit Flapjack PS1.00
Pecan & Butterscotch Bar PS1.00
Raspberry Bakewell PS1.55
Ready-to-eat Salted Crisps PS1.55
Salt & Vinegar Crisps PS1.00
Sweet and salty popcorn PS1.00
Triple Chocolate Butter Shortbread PS1.00

Cornwall Pasty  Cold Drinks

500ml Coke Bottle PS1.85
Diet Coke Bottle (500ml) PS1.85
Fanta Bottle (500ml). PS1.85
Sprite Bottle (500ml) PS1.85
Fairtrade Apple Juice (500ml) PS1.95
THIS JUICE WATER- Raspberry & Apple (480ml). PS1.95
THIS JUICE WATER- Lemon & Lime (480ml) PS2.25
Sparkling Water (500ml) PS2.25
Still Water (500ml) PS1.65
Still Water (750ml) PS1.65
Raspberry Heaven Smoothie PS1.95
Coconut Crush Smoothie PS3.25
Strawberry Frappe PS3.25
Chocolate Chip Frappe PS3.25
San Pellegrino Lemon PS1.85

Cornwall Pasty  Delicious

Sausage Roll PS2.75
Soup of the Day PS2.95
Bread Roll PS0.50
Potato Wedges PS1.95
Posh Pork & Pickle roll PS2.75

Nutritional Information West Cornwall Pasty Company

Nutritional Information

The West Cornwall Pasty Company Franchising Information

There are 51 West Cornwall Pasty restaurants and shops in the UK. Franchise ownership is possible for this fast-food restaurant chain. Take a look at this table and contact the team for franchising questions. Their website also has franchising information.

Phone Number +44 (0)1844 209 100

The West Cornwall Pasty Company Email Information

The West Cornwall Pasty Company Head office Address: Woodbine Farm Business Centre Truro Business Park Threemilestone Truro Cornwall TR3 6BW. United Kingdom

The West Cornwall Pasty Company Tel: +44(0)1844 205 100

The West Cornwall Pasty Company Email:

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