Cotton Patch Lunch Menu 2022 ❤

Cotton Patch Lunch Menu

Cotton Patch Cafe is a Cotton Patch Cafe chain that is well-known for its community-oriented concept that has led to its corporate tradition of generosity. Larry Marshall and Mike Patranella were the founding partners, opening their first restaurant restaurants in the year 1989, at Nacogdoches, Texas. Since then the restaurant has remained faithful to its original mission of providing diners with homemade, delicious food. In addition, its employees are drawn from the local community.

Cotton Patch Lunch Menu 2021

With over 50 locations located in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas The chain continues to feed the hunger of diners looking for delicious Southern-style meals and desserts, particularly comfort food. This includes potato cheese soup as well as chicken and dumpling soups, chicken quesadillas strawberry pecan salad as well as Grilled Caesar salad as well as steakhouse burgers. turkey melt and chicken BLT sandwiches.

Cotton Patch Cafe prices are reasonable. Cotton Patch Cafe prices are less expensive than you thought, and you can indulge in more of the dishes or desserts. The staff members are welcoming enough to give you an impression of being part of the community. If you find a lot of your loved ones and relatives there, then you really are part of a family!

Below are the most recent Cotton Patch Cafe prices for the menu.


Cotton Patch Popular Items

 Chicken & Dumplings $3.32
 Cobbler $3.69
 Mama’s Special Butter Cake $4.63
 Homemade Queso & Salsa $5.80
 Jumbo Crispy ‘Shrooms $5.06
 Bacon Cheese Fries $5.06
 Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cake $4.99
 Fried Green Tomatoes $5.06
 Three Cheese Bacon Burger $9.22
 Chicken Fried Chicken Sandwich $8.99

$1 Beverages Cotton Patch

Coke $1.00
Diet Coke $1.00
Sprite $1.00
Dr Pepper $1.00
Unsweet Tea $1.00
Sweet Tea $1.00
Raspberry Tea $1.00
Raspberry Sweet Tea $1.00
Peach Tea $1.00
Peach Sweet Tea $1.00
Lemonade $1.00
Raspberry Lemonade $1.00
Peach Lemonade $1.00

Cotton Patch Shareable Appetizers

 Onion Rings $5.71
 Cadillac Queso $6.49
 Fried Pickles $5.70
 Original Chicken Fried Bacon $5.99

Cotton Patch Homemade Soups

 Test $1.00
 CPC Potato Cheese Soup $2.99
 Chicken Tortilla Soup $3.05

Cotton Patch Premium Salads

 Caesar Salad $9.02
 Strawberry Pecan Salad $9.99
 Cobb Salad $9.50
 Chicken Fried Patch Salad $10.10
 Tex Mex Salad $9.34
 Crispy BBQ Chicken $9.99

Cotton Patch Sandwiches

Sandwiches are served with French fries.
 Turkey Club $9.23
 The BLT $9.06
 Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich $7.99
 Avocado Chicken Sandwich $8.58
 Chicken Fried Tacos $9.99
 Baja Fish Tacos $10.26
 Chicken Quesadilla $9.00

Cotton Patch Steakhouse Burgers

Steakhouse burgers are served with French fries. Include salad dressing.
 Classic Burger $7.73
 Nacogdoches Burger $9.99

Cotton Patch Grilled

 Original Grilled Pork Chops $12.71
 Garlic Herb Shrimp $12.02
 Grilled Chicken Breast $10.99
 Original Blackened Tilapia $12.03
 Grilled Cajun Duo $14.02
 Lemon Herb Grilled Salmon $13.73
Grilled Blackened Shrimp $11.99

Cotton Patch Chicken Fried Nation

World’s best. Entrées come with a choice of two home-style Fixin’s.
 Trailblazer $9.60
 Traditional Fried Shrimp $11.02
 “Super Combo” Fish & Shrimp $14.65
 Southern Fried Chicken Tenders $9.19
Southern Chicken Fried Tenders Plate $9.28
Southern Chicken Fried Tenders $9.20
 Crispy Fried Catfish $11.99
 Chicken Tenders Basket $8.29
 Fried Catfish Basket $11.32
 Original Meatloaf $9.99
 “Shiner” Fish & Chips Basket $10.02
 Chicken Fried Chicken $11.02
 Chicken Fried Steak $11.02
“Shiner” Fish & Chips Baskets $9.99
 Steak Fingers Basket $9.99
 Fried Shrimp Basket $10.02

Cotton Patch Lighter Plates

All entrées 600 cal. or less. Include salad dressing.
 Atlantic Grilled Salmon $12.87
 Grilled Chicken $10.00
 Grilled Tilapia $10.32

Cotton Patch Homestyle Fixin’s

Garlic Mashed Potatoes $1.99
Macaroni & Cheese $1.99
French Fries $1.99
Baked Squash $1.99
Steamed Veggies $1.99
Fried Okra $1.99
Green Beans $1.99
Whole Kernel Corn $1.99
Fresh Broccoli $1.99
Sautéed Mushrooms $1.99
Black Eyed Peas $1.99
Cinnamon Apples $1.99
Broccoli Rice Casserole $1.99

Cotton Patch Desserts

 Banana Cream Pie $3.99

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