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Dave And buster’s Specials Menu Prices: The perfect place to get Genghis Restaurant menus and prices. Genghis Grill is an Asian-American restaurant that’s a pioneer in the creation of a variety of stir-frys and desserts, such as citrus beef, teriyaki chicken, and also the ability to build your own meals and bowls. The guests can select fresh ingredients from more than 80 options.

Dave And buster's Specials Menu Prices 2021

The world-renowned Grill Masters then take the ingredients and stir-fry them over an oven that is hot. Apart from making your custom bowl, you could select from a variety of traditional Asian recipes. Make sure you quench your thirst by tasting one of the hand-crafted drinks.

Dave And buster’s Specials Menu List

Food Cal Prices

Dave And buster’s Appetizers

Garlic Citrus Edamame 124 $2.99
Chicken Pot-stickers (order of 5) 134 $4.99
Chicken Lettuce Wraps 185 $5.99

Dave And buster’s Kid’s Menu

Future Warrior Bowl 250 $5.99
Mighty Macaroni & Cheese 300 $5.99
Khan’s Cheese Quesadillas 740 $5.99
Superior Spaghetti 480 $5.99
Emperor’s Pepperoni Pizza 870 $5.99
Hawaiian Fried Rice 720 $5.99
Cheese Chicken & Broccoli Pasta 1050 $5.99

Dave And buster’s Build Your Own Bowl

Lunch Bowl 520 $8.99
Lunch Bowl + Make It Bottomless $12.99
Dinner Bowl 600 $9.99
Dinner Bowl + Make It Bottomless $13.99

Dave And buster’s Build A Genghis Bowl

Teriyaki Chicken, Beef Broccoli, Thai Chicken, Citrus Beef, Firecracker Bowl, Bowl of Seoul, Sweet N Sour, Special Fried Rice, Buddhist Bowl, Bayou Bowl, Surf N Turf, Mongo BBQ 485-860

Dave And buster’s Desserts

Individual Mascarpone Cheesecake 620 $4.99
Double Fudge Brownie 170 $4.99
Princess Pineapple Coconut Cake 560 $4.99
Tuxedo Bomb 540 $4.99

Dave And buster’s Drinks

Strawberry Lemonade 140 $2.99
Flavored Iced Tea 90 $2.99
Soda And Iced Tea 110 $2.49

Dave And buster’s Khan’s Katering

The Invasion! (Feeds 5-6) 280-450 $45.00
The Attack! (Feeds 7-10) 560-900 $65.00
The Victory! (Feeds 17-20) 1120-1800 $110.00
The Empire! (Feeds 25-30) 1680-2700 $165.00

Dave And buster’s Desserts

Double Fudge Brownie (Dozen) 2040 $29.99
Cookies Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, and Sugar (Dozen) 1320 $10.99

Dave And buster’s Drinks

2 Liter Sodas 120 $5.00
16oz Bottled Water 0 $2.29

What’s New at Genghis Grill?

Khan’s Kidz from Genghis Grill

Children can try the concept of stir-fry, or they may choose a custom menu from the kids’ menu

Healthy Genghis Grill

It’s not necessary to sacrifice flavor to enjoy a healthy diet. Genghis Grill lets you to have a delicious meal without having to eat a lot. Look over Genghis Grill’s HeartHealthy menu that offers tasty dishes with less than 600 calories. A comprehensive nutrition guide is available online, with all ingredients. Make sure you are aware of this prior to going to the closest Genghis Grill.

Conquer With A Click Online Ordering by Genghis Grill

Are you too busy securing new territories to take a break and grab food? No worries. With the brand new Genghis Grill online ordering option, it is easy to make your purchase and take it home. Visit Genghis Grill’s official website. Genghis Grill’s official website and verify that your restaurant provides online ordering. Select your preferred food items and pick the time you want to pick them up.

Khan’s Rewards Loyalty Program

Make each trip to Genghis Grill make a difference by joining the loyalty program Khan’s Rewards. Every dollar you spend is worth points. Earn points and get treats for free, such as sweets or cash. Learn more about loyalty programs on the internet. Joining is easy and fast. If you become a Khan’s rewards member, you’ll receive exclusive promotions all year long, the latest news, and rewards for your birthday.

Shop Genghis Grill Gear

Be different from the rest With Genghis Grill equipment. From t-shirts caps or bowls, purchase your GG gear today! You can buy everything online through Genghis Grill’s website. Genghis Grill website.

Careers at Genghis Grill

Are you ready for a major change in your career? Prepare for your career to reach new levels. Genghis Grill provides new recruits with a program of training and the chance to advance their careers, as well as excellent benefits and pay packages. Visit Genghis Grill’s Career webpage on the Genghis Grill website.

History of Genghis Grill

Genghis Grill was founded in 1998. Genghis Grill concept was started by Jeff Sinelli, an entrepreneur located in Dallas in 1998. in 2003 Spinelli transferred the chain’s 11 units to four fresh graduates of the college. There are now more than 100 Genghis Grill locations in the U.S. Genghis Grill is a Genghis Grill concept is owned by The Chalak Group and is located within Dallas, Texas. Stay connected to Genghis Grill through social media.

For more details about Genghis Grill, visit their official website.


Does Genghis Grill have children?

The website was designed for children and my children! All meals for kids come with a beverage of your choice with refills for free. Milk (110 Cal.) Chocolate Milk (210 Cal.)

Can I make my own bowl at Genghis Grill?

Create Your Own

Create your own bowl by selecting from a wide selection of delicious fresh protein, vegetable sauces, and spices.

Is Genghis Grill healthy?

Genghis Grill has Low-Calorie ingredients comprising unprocessed meats, eggs, vegetables as well as spices, and cabbage to serve as the perfect side dish. Your bowl should be filled with plenty of fresh vegetables, a decent amount of lean protein, and the spices you prefer. Avoid sugar, grains and berries, peanuts tofu, soy sauce, tofu, or processed foods.

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