Dosa Plaza Menu With Prices ❤ 2022

Dosa Plaza Menu With Prices

Dosa Plaza Menu Do you have a love for dosa who is unable to forget the delicious taste because you’re in a different country? Dosa Plaza is here for your assistance. You are able to try a variety of dosas. But prior to visiting you’ll need some details about the restaurant. This article is sure to aid you in this.

When you were looking for details, you landed on my blog. I will be sure to provide you with the essential details about Dosa Plaza. Dosa Plaza such as franchise information, contact details as well as the nutrition breakdown of the dishes included within the menus on the Dosa Plaza menu. I’d like to begin with a brief history before I begin.

Dosa Plaza is an Indian restaurant chain that was established in 1997 by Prem Ganapathy, a native of Mumbai with a total of 1000 Indian Rupp. Today, Dosa Plaza has more than 72 restaurants, not just in India but in the world as well.

Dosa Plaza Menu Prices

Dosa Plaza Menu Prices

Dosa Plaza is popular for numerous varieties of dosas, in which they have included some twisty flavors of other countries in their dosa to ensure that everyone can enjoy it.

The reason the people go there is that when you dine there, it will make you feel as if you are eating at your own kitchen.

Idli Wada Snack

Idli Wada Snack Price
Chennai Idli ₹55
Dahi Wada [4 Pieces] ₹95
Ghee Idli ₹90
Idli Wada Mix ₹60
Menu Wada [2 Pieces] ₹60
Mini Idli Wada Mix ₹85
Mini Medu Wada [6 Pieces] ₹95
Rasam Wada [4 Pieces] ₹95
Sambar Wada ₹65
Special Mini Idli ₹70
Upma ₹50

South Indian

South Indian Price
Sambar Wada ₹60

Sada Plaza

Sada Plaza Price
Ghee Rava Sada Dosa ₹110
Paneer Sada Dosa ₹80
Plain Mysore Sada Dosa With Cheese ₹100
Plain Mysore Sada Dosa ₹70
Rava Sada Dosa Cheese ₹115
Rava Sada Dosa ₹80
Sada Dosa With Butter ₹85
Sada Dosa With Cheese ₹90
Sada Dosa With Ghee ₹85
Sada Dosa ₹60

Traditional Masala Dosa

Traditional Masala Dosa Price
Masala Dosa With Butter ₹100
Masala Dosa With Cheese ₹110
Masala Dost ₹75
Mysore Masala Dosa With Cheese ₹130
Mysore Masala Dosa ₹100
Mysore Masala With Butter ₹125
Onion Masala Dosa ₹80
Paneer Masala Dosa ₹100
Rava Masala Dosa With Butter ₹125
Rava Masala Dosa With Cheese ₹130
Rava Masala Dosa ₹100
Rocketr Mysore Dosa ₹70

Pizza and Pasta

Pizza And Pasta Price
Red & White Pasta ₹170
Red Sauce Pasta ₹160
White Sauce Pasta ₹160

Combination Masala Dosa

Combination Masala Dosa Price
Harabhara Masala Dosa With Cheese ₹160
Harabhara Masala Dosa ₹130
Maharaja Masala Dosa With Cheese ₹160
Maharaja Masala Dosa ₹130
Navratna Masala Dosa With Cheese ₹170
Navratna Masala Dosa ₹140
Prem Masala Dosa ₹130
Prem Masala Dosa With Cheese ₹160

Thin & Crispy Dosa

Thin & Crispy Dosa Price
Garlic Roast Dosa With Cheese ₹140
Garlic Roast Dosa ₹110
Harabhara Sada With Cheese ₹140
Harabhara Sada ₹110
Maharaja Sada Dosa With Cheese ₹140
Maharaja Sada Dosa ₹110
Onion Sada Dosa With Cheese ₹110
Onion Sada Dosa ₹80
Prem Sada With Cheese ₹130
Prem Sada ₹100
Judy Roast Dosa With Cheese ₹120
Judy Rost Dosa ₹85
Schezwan Dosa ₹170
Schezwan Sada Dosa With Cheese ₹140

Mumbai Pav Bhaji

Mumbai Pav Bhaji Price
Butter Garlic Pav Bhaji ₹130
Butter Jain Pav Bhaji ₹130
Butter Bhaji Pav ₹120
Butter Pav [1 Pcs] ₹15
Cheese Khada Pav Bhaji ₹130
Cheese Masala Pav [2 Pcs] ₹120
Cheese Pav Bhaji ₹150
Khada Pav Bhaji ₹130
Masala Pav [2 Pcs] ₹90
Paneer Cheese Pulao ₹220
Pav ₹6
Specisl Prem Bhaji Pav ₹165

Spicy Plaza

Spicy Plaza Price
Capsicum Schezwan Dosa ₹180
Mushroom Schezwan Dosa ₹190
Paneer Chilly Dosa With Cheese ₹195
Paneer Chilly Dosa ₹165
Paneer Schezwan Dosa ₹190
Schezwan Sada Dosa ₹170
Schezwan Dosa With Cheese ₹200
Tom – Chi Dosa ₹170

Chinese Fusion Dosa

Chinese Fusion Dosa Price
Chinese Delight Dosa With Cheese ₹190
Chinese Delight Dosa ₹160
Jini Dosa ₹170
Paneer Chinese Delight Dosa With Cheese ₹210
Paneer Chinese Delight Dosa ₹195
Paneer Spring Roll Dosa With Cheese ₹210
Paneer Spring Roll Dosa ₹190
Spring Roll Dosa With Cheese ₹185
Spring Roll Dosa ₹155

Chopsuey Plaza

Chopsuey Plaza Price
American Chopsuey Dosa With Cheese ₹190
American Chopsuey Dosa ₹160
Mushroom Chopsuey Dosa ₹180
Paneer American Chopsuey Dosa ₹185

Russian Salad Dosa

Russian Salad Dosa Price
American Delight Dosa With Cheese ₹210
American Delight Dosa ₹180
American Paneer Delight Dosa With Cheese ₹240
American Paneer Delight Dosa ₹210
Maharaja Delight Dosa ₹130
Cheese Paneer Salad Roast Dosa ₹235
Paneer Salad Roast Dosa ₹205
Salad Roast Dosa With Cheese ₹205
Salad Roast Dosa ₹175

Chinese Combo

Chinese Combo Price
Paneer Chilly Combo ₹390
Special Chinese Combo ₹440
Veg Chilly Combo ₹350

Mexican Style Dosa

Mexican Style Dosa Price
Mexi Roll Dosa ₹190
Mexican Roast Dosa With Cheese ₹170
Mexican Roast Dosa ₹140
Paneer Crispy Dosa With Cheese ₹240
Paneer Crispy Dosa ₹210
Red Chilly Dosa Cheese ₹165
Red Chilly Dosa ₹135
Salsa Lite [medium Spicy] ₹125
Salsa Noodles Dosa ₹160
Sizz-Lee Noodles Dosa ₹160


Uthappa Price
Chilly Delight Uthappa ₹110
Hot Garlic Mexican Uthappa ₹110
Onion Delight Uthappa ₹105
Onion Uttappa With Butter ₹100
Onion Uttappa With Cheese ₹110
Onion Uthappa ₹75
Paneer Onion Uthappa ₹105
Pizza Uthappa ₹135
Plain Uttappa With Butter ₹85
Plain Uttappa With Cheese ₹90
Plain Uthappa ₹60
Set Dosa ₹100
Tom-Chi Uthappa ₹100
Tomato Onion Uthappa ₹80
Tomato Uttappa With Butter ₹105
Tomato Uttappa With Cheese ₹110
Tomato Uthappa ₹75

Chinese Style Idli

Chinese Style Idli Price
Idli Cheese Manchurian ₹150
Idli Chilly ₹120
Idli Manchurian ₹120
Idli Paneer Manchurian ₹140
Idli Schezwan Fry ₹140
Idli Schezwan ₹130


Soup Price
Veg Clear Soup ₹95
Veg Hot & Sour Soup ₹100
Veg Manchow Soup ₹100
Veg Sweet Corn Soup ₹100
Veg Talumein Soup ₹100
Veg Tomato Soup ₹100


Starter Price
Chinese Bhel ₹110
French Fries ₹85
Garlic Chilly Potato ₹160
Paneer 65 ₹190
Paneer Chilly Dry ₹190
Paneer Crispy ₹195
Potato Crispy Style ₹160
Thread Paneer [8 Pieces] ₹200
Veg 65 ₹160
Veg Chilly Dry ₹160
Veg Crispy ₹165
Veg Fried Wonton [8 Pieces] ₹155
Veg Lollipop [8 Pieces] ₹165
Veg Manchurian Dry [8 Pieces] ₹155
Veg Spring Roll ₹160

Main Course

Main Course Price
Baby Corn Mushroom Spinach [non Spicy] ₹190
Gobi Manchurian ₹155
Mushroom Chilly ₹165
Mushroom Manchurian ₹165
Paneer Cashewnut Chilly Gravy ₹215
Paneer Chilly Gravy ₹190
Paneer Hot Garlic Gravy ₹190
Paneer Manchurian ₹190
Stir-Fried Veg With Chinese Greens ₹190
Veg Manchurian ₹155

Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice Price
Dal Khichdi With Tadka ₹130
Dal Khichdi ₹130
Green Peas Biryani ₹160
Green Peas Pulao ₹140
Hyderabadi Biryani ₹170
Jeera Rice ₹110
Kashmiri Pulao ₹140
Mushroom Biryani ₹180
Paneer Biryani ₹170
Paneer Pulao ₹155
Steam Rice ₹80
Veg Biryani ₹150
Veg Pulao ₹130

Tawa Pulao

Tawa Pulao Price
Cheese Tawa Pulao ₹170
Paneer Cheese Tawa Pulao ₹230
Paneer Tawa Pulao ₹170
Tawa Pulao ₹140

Fried Rice And Noodles

Fried Rice And Noodles Price
Manchurian Fried Rice ₹210
Mushroom Rice ₹170
Paneer Crispy Fried Rice ₹230
Paneer Fried Rice ₹155
Paneer Schezwan Fried Rice ₹175
Shanghai Rice ₹185
Stewed Rice Wih Chinese Greens ₹230
Triple Schezwan Fried Rice ₹230
Veg Fried Rice ₹140
Veg Schezwan Fried Rice ₹160
Chilly Garlic Noodles ₹175
Stewed Noodles Wih Chinese Greens ₹230
Thai Green Curry With Steamed Rice ₹200
Tom Chilly Noodles ₹160
Veg American Chopsuey ₹155
Veg Chinese Chopsuey ₹155
Veg Hakka Noodles ₹140
Veg Schezwan Noodles ₹165

Pizza & Sandwiches

Sandwiches Price
Balaji Spl Pizza ₹195
Cheese Garlic Bread ₹140
Crispy Schezwan Pizza ₹195
Garlic Bread ₹100
Mexican Pizza ₹195
Only Cheese Pizza ₹175
Pineapple Pizza ₹185
Sweet Corn Pizza ₹185
Veg Cheese Pizza ₹175
Veg Mushroom Pizza ₹185
Bread Butter Jam ₹50
Bread Butter ₹40
Cheese Bread Butter ₹70
Cheese Toast Bread Butter ₹80
Chilly Cheese Toast ₹95
Corn Toast Sandwich ₹80
Russian Sandwich ₹120
Toast-Bread Butter Jam ₹60
Toast-Bread Butter ₹50
Veg Cheese Sandwich ₹90
Veg Cheese Toast Sandwich ₹100
Veg Sandwich ₹60
Veg Toast Sandwich ₹70
Balaji Spl Grill Sandwich ₹160
Cheese Schezwan Veg Grill Sandwich ₹170
Cheese Veg Grill Sandwich ₹150
Mushroom Grill Sandwich ₹130
Schezwan Veg Grill Sandwich ₹140
Veg Grill Sandwich ₹120


Chaat Price
Bhel Puri ₹55
Dahi Batata Puri ₹80
Dahi Bhel ₹65
Masala Puri [sukka] ₹45
Papdi Chaat ₹85
Sev Batata Puri ₹55


Beverages Price
Iced Lemon Tea ₹60
Iced Peach Tea ₹60
Iced Strawberry Tea ₹60
Cool Sky ₹65
Irish Berry ₹65
Jeera Cola ₹65
Lemoni ₹65
Mint Virgin Mojito ₹75
Cafe Mocha ₹110
Cold Coffee ₹100
Cocktaill Juice ₹100
Grapes Juice ₹75
Lemon Juice ₹45
Pineapple Juice ₹75
Watermelon Juice ₹65
Apple Milk Shake ₹120
Badam Milk Shake ₹160
Banana Milk Shake ₹100
Chikku Milk Shake ₹110
Choco Shake ₹120
Dry Fruit Milk Shake ₹220
Kaju Milk Shake ₹130
Mango Milk Shake [Seasonal] ₹120
Oreo Milkshake ₹130
Pista Milk Shake ₹160
Strawberry Shake ₹120

Accompaniment And Extra

Accompaniment And Extra Price
Butter ₹25
Dahi ₹40
Fry Papad ₹15
Masala Papad ₹30
Roast Papad ₹12

South Indian Rice

South Indian Rice Price
Bisebelle Bah[sambar Rice] ₹110
Dahi Rice ₹110
Lemon Rice ₹110
Madras Papad ₹10
Puliyothari Rice[Sambar Rice] ₹110
Rasam ₹60
Tomato Rice ₹110

Dosa Plaza Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Dosa Plaza menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Dosa Plaza Franchise Details

Dosa Plaza has 72 outlets in countries like India, New Zealand, Oman, and UAE and if you want to open a Dosa Plaza store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise Fee USD $40,000
Minimum Investment USD  $150,000 

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Official Website

Dosa Plaza Contact Information

Dosa Plaza Corporate Office Address: Kiosk-3 A/3 D, Forecourt Area International Infotech Park, Vashi Rly. Stn. Vashi, Navi Mumbai Thane Mh 400703 In.

Dosa Plaza Corporate Office Phone Number: +91 9324251402

Dosa Plaza Corporate Office Email

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