Dunn’s Famous Menu With Prices √ 2022

Dunn’s Famous Menu With Prices

Dunn’s Famous Menu A majority of people want to eat food that is delicious and healthy, however, children always crave fast food that is crunchy and crisp. If you’re planning to have dinner out with your family members, you’re looking for an establishment that serves healthy and delicious food and also where your children can eat as they please.

Dunn’s Famous has a lot of fast-food options available on its menu. There are starters soups, salads, and sandwiches, smoked meats wraps, pizzas, wraps hamburgers, pasta, and hot dogs from their menu.

Dunn’s Famous Menu With Prices

In your search for that restaurant, you’ve landed on my site where I’ll provide the name of the restaurant, which can be described as Dunn’s Famous and before you visit I will give you details about Dunn’s Famous menu prices, the history of the restaurant, contact details as well as franchise information, as well as a nutritional breakdown of the dishes available on Dunn’s Famous Menu.

I’ll start by describing the history first. Dunn’s Famous was started by Myer Dunn, who immigrated from Canada and established his first establishment in 1927. Avenue Papineau near Avenue du Mont-Royal. The number of restaurants they own is six and the head office of the company is located in Montreal Quebec, Canada.

People are drawn to Dunn’s because it has served customers for decades and has earned trust in the minds of their clients that there isn’t a restaurant that offers the same level of service as Dunn’s Famous.

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices

Dunn’s Famous Menu includes a wide variety of fast food items sizzling starters and sides, delicious poutines, nutritious soups, healthy salads, robust smoke meat, mouth-watering sandwich, wraps, pizza, hotdog, burger.

Dunn’s Famous Menu also has appealing drinks, delightful desserts, and a savory kids menu.

Dunn’s is famous for its steakhouse and deli which is open for 24 hours and the staff is welcoming and humble and they made everything fresh on the time you order.

People love to visit Dunn’s Famous because of its myriad menu items. Their menu has something to offer to everyone.

Dunn’s Famous prices are economical and as most of the items lie between $1 to $20. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices.


Starters Price
Chicken (8 pc.) $10.50
Chicken (16 pc.) $19.00
Smoked Meat Egg Rolls $10.00
Cheese Sticks $10.50
Potato Skins $7.50
Chicken Fingers $13.50
Double ”D” Combo $18.00
Double ”D” Combo Duelex $22.00


Sides Price
Fresh Cut Fries $4.25
Sweet Potato Fries $7.00
Coleslaw $3.25
Dill Pickles $3.25
Karnazes $4.75
Peppers $4.25
Garlic Bread $4.25
Garlic Bread au Gratin $6.25
Onion Rings $8.25
Lakes $8.25


Poutines Price
Quebecoise $10.00
Italian $13.00
Hot Dog $14.00
All Dressed $15.00
Le Hot Chicken $16.00
General Tao $14.00
Buffalo $15.00
Mexican $16.00
Dunn’s Famous $16.00
Italian Dunn’s $18.00


Soups Price
Matzoh Ball $6.50
Louisiana $6.50
French Onion Soup $8.50
Chicken Noodle Soup $5.00


Salads Price
House $12.50
Caesar $13.00
Mediterranean $15.00
General Tao $18.00
Cobb $18.00
Thai Chicken $18.00
Ranch Buffalo $18.00
Honey Mustard Chicken $18.00

Smoked Meat

Smoked Meat Price
Le Petit Combo $17.00
Super Combo Smoked Meat $21.00
Reuben $21.00
Club Roll $14.50
Smoked Meat Plate $21.00
Smoked Meat Fried Rice $17.00


Sandwiches Price
Smoked Meat Bagel $15.00
Le Hot Chicken $15.00
Chicken Club $16.00
Grilled Chicken Club $17.00
Smoked Meat Club $18.00


Wraps Price
Chicken Caesar $14.50
Chicken Buffalo $14.50
Mexican $14.50
Spicy Thai Chicken $14.50
Veggie Burger Wrap $14.50
Downtown $17.50


Pizzas Price
Cheese $12.00
Vegetarian $14.00
Pepperoni $15.00
Quebecoise $15.00
All Dressed $17.00
Dunn’s Famous $20.00


Pasta Price
Bolognese $14.50
California $15.50
Dunn’s Famous $18.50
Carbonara Dunn’s $19.50
Chicken Alfredo $18.50

Burgers and Hot Dogs

Burgers and Hot Dogs Price
The Classic $14.50
The Cheeseburger $15.50
The Bacon Cheeseburger $16.50
The Parisienne $16.50
1927 $16.50
Dunn’s Famous $18.50
Chicken Burger $16.50
Jumbo Grilled Beef Hot Dog $10.00
Hot Dog Michigan $14.00

From the Grill

From the Grill Price
Fish N’ Chips $17.50
All Dressed Hamburger Steak $17.50
Cajun Chicken $19.50
14 oz AAA Rib Steak $28.00


Desserts Price
Strawberry Cheesecake $8.25
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake $8.00
Carrot Caramel Cheesecake $8.00
Apple Crisp $8.00
Chocolate Volcano $8.00
Hot Cookie & Ice Cream $7.00
Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sunday $7.00


Drinks Price
Pepsi $3.00
Diet Pepsi $3.00
Orange Crush $3.00
Iced Tea $3.00
Root Beer $3.00
Ginger Ale $3.00
Perrier $3.00
7 Up $3.00
Cherry Pepsi $3.00
Bottled Water $1.50

Dunn’s Famous Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information myfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/dunns-famous/

To check the nutritional information of the items present on Dunn’s Famous Menu click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Dunn’s Famous Franchise Details

Dunn’s Famous has more than 6 locations in Quebec and British Columbia. If you want to open a Dunn’s Famous franchised store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Initial Investment $150,000 – $800,000
Franchise Fee $20,000-$50,000

Dunn’s Famous Important Links

Official Website dunnsfamous.com
Locations dunnsfamous.com/en/locations/
Catering dunnsfamous.com/en/montreal-catering/
Retail dunnsfamous.com/en/retail/
Sitemap dunnsfamous.com/en/sitemap/

Dunn’s Famous Contact Information


Dunn’s Famous Corporate Office Phone Number: 514-395-1927

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/dunnsfamous/

Instagram: instagram.com/dunnsfamous/

Twitter: twitter.com/dunnsfamous/

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