Fast Eddie’s Menu With Prices ✔ 2022

Fast Eddie’s Menu With Prices

Fast Eddie’s Menu A majority of people do not know how there exist certain restaurants that offer you food that’s leftover. Are you searching for a place that can guarantee they’ll serve you freshly prepared food?

The information I’ll provide you with includes Fast Eddie’s Menu prices, phone numbers along with franchise information, and a breakdown of nutrition for the food items featured on Fast Eddie’s Men. However, I will also give you the background of Fast Eddie’s to allow you to understand where it came from.

Fast Eddie’s Franchise Details

Eddie Cerino and his wife Elisha began Fast Eddie’s in the year 1985. Their first restaurant was located on Pearl Road Parma. They had both dreamed of opening a restaurant and through their hard work and commitment, they achieve their goal.

Fast Eddie’s Menu Prices

Fast Eddie’s Menu opens with mouth-watering appetizers. Alongside your food, you can also enjoy the diverse selection of amazing salads as snacks, or if you’re looking to try something different, you can choose an array of burgers and sandwiches. Along with these, there are sides available.

For children, they offer an entirely different menu that includes the knife and fork menu, with shakes that are dip-dipped by hand. On weekends, they offer another menu that is known as Sunday brunch. In addition, they also have a bar within their restaurant , where they serve a variety of wines, beers, cocktails, and mules as well.

Fast Eddie’s Menu Combos

Fast Eddie’s Menu Prices

Double Burger Works Meal $8.19
Chicken Works Meal $7.19
Double Bacon Cheese Slider Meal $8.69
Chicken Wing Burger Meal $7.89
Steak Cheese Burger Meal $9.29
Garden Veggie Burger Combo $7.99
Ultimate Family Deal#1 $29.99
Ultimate Family Deal#2 $37.99

Fast Eddie’s Menu Crazy Kids Meal

Crazy Kid’s Meal $4.19

Fast Eddie’s Menu Crazy-Fries

Fry $2.99
Pickle Fries $3.99
Beefy Fries $3.99
Red Hot Crazy Fries $4.69
Bacon Crazy Fries $4.99
Classic Crazy Fries $4.49
Party-Sized Fries $8.99
Party-Sized Classic Crazy Fries $9.99

Fast Eddie’s Menu Drinks

Pepsi $1.79
Diet Pepsi $1.79
7up $1.79
Brisk $1.79
Mountain Dew $1.79
Dr Pepper $1.79
Root Beer $1.79

Fast Eddie’s Menu Milkshakes

Chocolate Milkshakes $2.99
Strawberry Milkshakes $2.99
Banana Milkshakes $2.99

Fast Eddie’s Menu Wildshakes

Double Chocolate Crumble $4.99
Banana Cream Pie $4.99
Strawberry Shortcake $4.99
Skor $4.99
Choc Monkey $4.99
Banana Berry $4.99

Fast Eddie’s Menu Burgers

Hamburger $1.75
BLT Burger $2.99
Double Cheese Burger $2.99
Double Bacon Cheese $3.29
Cheeseburger $1.99
Double Burger Work $5.99
Double Bacon Cheese Slider $6.49
100% Fresh Chuck Steak Cheeseburger $6.49
Chicken Works Burger $3.79
Chicken Wing Burger $4.49
Garden Veggie Burger $5.00

Fast Eddie’s Menu Value Menu

Ten Burgers $14.00
Chicken BLT Burger $3.69
BLT Burger $2.99
Hamburger $1.75
Cheeseburger $1.99
Double Bacon Cheese $3.29
Ten Cheese Burgers $18.00
Chicken Eddie Burger $3.49

Fast Eddie’s Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Fast Eddie’s menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Fast Eddie’s Franchise Details

Name of Service Price
Leaseholds Improvements From 80,000 to 100,000
Equipment and Smallwares From 110,000 to 130,000
Signage From 20,000 to 30,000
Franchise Fee 25,000
TOTAL PRICE ESTIMATE From 245,000 to 295,000

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Fast Eddie’s Contact Information

Fast Eddie’s Parma Corporate Office Address: 7729 W Ridgewood Dr, Parma, OH 44120

Fast Eddie’s Parma Corporate Office Phone Number: (440) 340-4423

Fast Eddie’s Parma Email Address:

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