Flame Broiler Delivery Menu And Prices 20202 ♥

Flame Broiler Delivery Menu And Prices: Flame Broiler Happy Hour offers some of the best Asian dishes to your table. After graduating from UCLA, Mr. Young Lee founded this restaurant. He realized that there weren’t many restaurants offering healthy food options.

Flame Broiler Delivery Menu And Prices 20201

In an effort to provide a service to a growing population, Mr. Lee founded the Flame Broiler in order to offer his traditional Asian Flame-Broiled meals to all customers. Flame Broiler has expanded across the United States since 1995 to offer a wide range of delicious menu options for customers on the move.

Happy Hour was created to encourage customers to come in for Happy Hour. It also makes it easy to get a healthy and affordable lunch to those who are constantly on the go. This is the perfect solution to our busy lifestyle.

Flame Broiler Delivery Menu

Item Size Price

Bowls menu

Bowls menu

Chicken White Meat Substitute for $1.25
Chicken Bowl $6.25
Angus Beef Bowl $6.75
Chicken Veggie Bowl $6.40
Angus Beef Veggie Bowl $6.90
Half & Half Bowl $6.50
The Works Bowl $6.65
Veggie Bowl $5.50

Plates prices and menu

Plates prices and menu

Chicken Plate $7.95
Chicken Plate (White Meat) $9.85
Angus Beef Plate $8.60
Chicken & Angus Beef Plate $8.40
Chicken & Angus Beef Plate (White Meat) $9.65
Angus Rib Plate $9.95
The Works Plate $8.55
The Works Plate (White Meat) $9.80

Mini Bowls 2021

Chicken Mini Bowl $4.90
Beef Mini Bowl $4.90
Half & Half Mini Bowl $4.90

Extras menu prices

Only One Extra per Bowl or Plate
Extra Angus Rib $3.75
Extra Chicken $2.75
Extra Angus Beef $3.25
Extra White Meat Chicken $3.25

Sides prices menu 2021

Sides prices menu 2021

Side Angus Rib $4.75
Side Angus Beef $4.75
Side Chicken $4.00
Side White Meat Chicken $4.50
Side Rice (White or Brown) $3.45
Side Veggies $3.45
Side Salad $3.45

Beverages menu prices

Fountain Drink Regular $1.69
Fountain Drink Large $1.89
Water Bottle $1.49

Enjoy Flame Broiler’s Happy Hour

Flame Broilers offers a variety of delicious options for lunch and dinner that won’t break the bank. These kinds of meals can be difficult to find when you are on the move. Also, they tend to be more costly, making Happy Hour at Flame Broiler even better. If you’re on the go and need a quick bite, make sure to check out Happy Hour at Flame Broiler before you stop by.

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