Fogo de Chao Menu With Prices ✓ 2022

Fogo de Chao Menu With Prices

Fogo de Chao Menu If you’ve stumbled across this post, it is possible that you’re searching for an informational Fogo de Chao menu online. I’m here to assure you that you’re in the right spot.

I’ll be able to provide you with the complete menu of this restaurant as well as the latest prices. I will also provide the details of the franchise as well as nutritional details and more. We will start with a brief overview of Fogo de Chao.

Fogo de Chao Franchise Details

Fogo de Chao is a fine dining and full-service Brazilian steakhouse that was established in 1979. The first location that was part of Fogo de Chao was opened in on the Rio Grande do Sul by two brothers, Covers as well as Ongarattos. They launched the first U.S. restaurant in Dallas, Texas and its expansion has continued to this point.

Fogo de Chao Menu Prices

Churrasco Combinations

Choose One Meat (6oz) Price
Picanha $20.00
Fraldinha $20.00
Cordeiro $20.00
Medalhões com Bacon
[Bacon Wrapped Steak]
Medalhões com Bacon
[Bacon Wrapped Chicken]
[Marinated Chicken Breast]
[Marinated Chicken Legs]
Choose Any Two Meats (10oz Total) Price
Choose Any Two Meats $24.00

Fire Roasted Meats

By The Pound Price
Picanha $22.00
Medalhões com Bacon
[Bacon Wrapped Steak]
Medalhões com Bacon
[Bacon Wrapped Chicken]
Cordeiro $28.00
[Marinated Chicken Breast]
[Marinated Chicken Legs]
Fraldinha $26.00
Linguiça $20.00
By The Each Price
Filet Mignon $24.00
Bone-in Beef Ancho $58.00
Costela $95.00
Costela de Porco $35.00
Cordeiro $40.00
Atlantic Salmon $18.00

À La Carte

Traditional Brazilian Side Dishes Price
Mashed Potatoes $5.00
Asparagus $5.00
Quinoa Tabbouleh $5.00
Mixed Greens $5.00
Mozzarella Caprese $5.00
Caesar Salad $5.00
Potato Salad $5.00
Apple Manchego Salad $5.00
Chickpea Trio Salad $5.00
Feijoada $5.00
White Rice $5.00
Sautéed Broccoli $5.00
Pão de Queijo $7.00
Smoked Salmon $12.00
Desserts Price
Chocolate Brigadeiro $10.00
Tres Leches Cake $10.00
New York Style Cheesecake $10.00
Key Lime Pie $10.00
Brazilian-Style Flan $10.00
Beverages Price
Iced Tea $3.00
Lemonade $3.00
Canned Soft Drink $3.00
Guaraná Antarctica $3.00

Butcher Shop – Ready to Grill

Butcher Shop – Ready to Grill Price
Picanha $5.00
Fraldinha $16.00
Bone-in Beef Ancho $45.00
Costela $75.00
Dry-aged Tomahawk Ancho $78.00
Wagyu New York Strip $125.00
Wagyu Ancho (Ribeye) $135.00
Frango $8.00
Filet Mignon $12.00
Linguiça $16.00
Costela de Porco $15.00
Lamb Chop Rack $32.00
Atlantic Salmon $10.00
Cold-Water Lobster Tail $18.00
Chilean Sea Bass $26.00

Fogo Grilling at Home Experience

Packaged to Grill at Home Price
Packaged to Grill at Home $110.00

Date Night Experience

Date Night Experience Price
Fire-Grilled $125.00

Celebration Experience

Celebration Experience Price
Fire-Grilled $90.00

South American Wines

Founders Trilogy Wines Price
Founders Trilogy Collection $89.00
Malbec – Jorjão by Fogo de Chão, “Reserva” $30.00
Red Blend – Eulila by VIK $30.00
Red Blend – O Leão by VIK $30.00
Vina Vik Wines Price
VIK Wine Trilogy $325.00
Milla Cala by VIK $49.00
VIK, “La Piu Belle” $140.00
VIK $170.00
Sparkling Price
Pinot Noir, Rosé, Antucura, “Chérie” $31.00
White Wine Price
Sauvignon Blanc, Lapostolle, “Grand Selection” $31.00
Chardonnay, Unoaked, Natura by Emiliana $24.50
Chardonnay, Calina $29.00
Rosé, Montes, “Cherub El Arcángel Single Vineyard” $24.00
Red Wine Price
Pinot Noir, Viña Leyda $28.00
Pinot Noir, Montes, “Alpha” $40.00
Malbec, Alamos $30.00
Malbec, Bodega y Viñedos Catena, “Catena” $33.00
Merlot, Lapostolle, “Grand Selection” $30.00
Red Blend, The Seeker $25.00
Red Blend, Primus, “The Blend” $35.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Casillero del Diablo (Concha y Toro), “Reserva” $30.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Trapiche, “Broquel” $35.50
Cabernet Sauvignon, Bodega y Viñedos Catena, “Catena High Mountain Vines” $47.50

Fogo de Chao Nutrition Information

Nutritional Information

Fogo de Chao Franchise Details

Fogo de Chao has 52 locations. The first store of the brand was opened in Brazil but in 1997, the brand opened its first American store in Dallas, Texas and its expansion has continued to this day.

But, if you planning to open a Fogo de Chao store, then it’s no possible now as Fogo de Chao is not offer franchising opportunities at this time.

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Fogo de Chao Contact Information

Fogo de Chao Corporate Office Address- 14881 Quorum Dr  750 Ste 
Dallas,  TX  75254

Fogo de Chao Corporate Phone Number- +1-972-960-9533

You can also contact the team of Fogo de Chao by using the contact form on their website.

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