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freddy’s milkshakes menu

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date prices for freddy’s milkshakes menu, then you are in the right spot here. Here are the most recent Freddy’s Menu prices for tasty sandwiches, burgers, and savory sandwiches. shakes, hot dogs soup, salad, and custard cookie sandwich, and concretes, as well as numerous other items.

Freddy’s offers everything a traditional fast food fan could desire. There are many more options available at Freddy’s healthy menu that customers come back time and time.

In the article, I’ve included the current and most recent freddy’s milkshakes menu. This article includes Freddy’s Steakhouse Menu Prices, Freddy’s Hot Dogs Menu Price,

Freddy’s Concrete Prices, Freddy’s Frozen Custard Menu and Prices, Freddy’s Burgers Menu Prices, Freddy’s Pizza Menu Prices. etc.

You can also gain access to Freddy’s Hidden Menu Prices. In addition, to find the most accurate Freddy’s Prices menu 2021 You can go to Freddy’s Menu’s official site. Freddy’s Menu.

freddy's milkshakes menu Prices

An Overview of Freddy’s menu

freddy’s milkshakes menu Frozen Custard, as well as Steakburgers (Freddy’s), is an American fast-casual restaurant chain. The business offers Chicken sandwiches Vienna Beef hot dogs steakburgers, combination meals frozen custard, kids’ meals, as well as other popular dishes as well as sides.

Freddy’s Combos Menu and Prices 2021

Freddy’s Hot Dog $5.29
Double Steakburger California Style $8.09
Bacon & Cheese Double Steakburger $8.39
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $7.29
Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style $6.09
Single Steakburger & Hot Dog $8.19
Original Double Patty Melt $7.89
Freddy’s Original Double $7.59

Freddy’s Savory Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2021

Original Double Patty Melt $5.89
Single Steakburger California Style $4.39
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich – Combo $7.29
Double Steakburger California Style $6.09
Double Steakburger California Style – Combo $8.09
Freddy’s Original Double $5.09
Triple Steakburger California Style – Combo $9.29
Triple Steakburger California Style $7.59
Single Steakburger California Style – Combo $6.49
Single Steakburger – Combo $5.49
Original Double Patty Melt – Combo $7.89
Veggie Burger $5.69
Triple Steakburger $6.69
Freddy’s Original Double – Combo $7.59
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $5.29
Veggie Burger – Combo $7.69
Single Steakburger $3.39
Triple Steakburger – Combo $8.39

Freddy’s Delicious Dogs Menu and Prices 2021

Chili Cheese Dog $3.89
Hot Dog – Combo $5.29
Hot Dog $2.89
Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style – Combo $6.09
Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style $3.69
Chili Cheese Dog – Combo $6.29

Freddy’s Other Classics Menu and Prices 2021

Sundae $3.89 Regular
Shake or Malt $4.99 Large
Oreo Custard Cookie Sandwich $8.45 6-Pack
Dish or Cake Cone $2.69 Single
Waffle Cone $4.79 Triple
Dish or Cake Cone $3.99 Triple
Oreo Custard Cookie Sandwich $1.69 Single
Extra Topping & Mix-In $0.80
Dish or Cake Cone $3.39 Double
Shake or Malt $3.69 Mini
Sundae $4.59 Large
Carry-Out Cartons $3.99 Pint
Waffle Cone $4.19 Double
Shake or Malt $4.39 Regular
Sundae $3.19 Mini
Custard Cake $22.99
Waffle Cone $3.49 Single
Carry-Out Cartons $6.99 Quart

Freddy’s Kid’s Meals Menu and Prices 2021

Chicken Tenders $4.69
Grilled Cheese $3.99
Hot Dog $4.69
Cheeseburger $5.09
Burger $4.79

Freddy’s Drinks Menu and Prices 2021

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea $1.99 Regular
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea $1.79 Small
Soft Drink $2.19 Large
Soft Drink $1.99 Regular
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea $2.19 Large
Soft Drink $1.79 Small

Freddy’s Famous Custard Menu and Prices 2021

Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Delight Sundae $4.59 Regular
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight, or Brownie Delight Concrete $4.69 Mini
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Brownie Delight Sundae $3.89 Mini
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Delight Sundae $5.29 Large
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Delight Concrete $6.49 Large
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Delight Concrete $5.49 Regular

Freddy’s Extras Menu and Prices 2021

Bacon $0.80
Chili $0.70
Cheese Sauce $0.80
Cheese $0.50

Freddy’s Concrete Menu and Prices 2021

Famous Concrete $3.99 Mini
Famous Concrete $4.59 Regular
Famous Concrete $5.29 Large

Freddy’s Other Favorites Menu and Prices 2021

Chicken Tenders $5.49 5 Pc.
Chicken Tenders $4.49 3 Pc.
Chicken Tenders – Combo $7.49 5 Pc.
Chicken Tenders – Combo $6.49 3 Pc.
Freddy’s Fries $2.09 Regular
Freddy’s Fries $2.49 Large
Cheese Fries $2.89
Onion Rings $2.79
Chili Bowl $3.99
Chili Cheese Fries $4.09
Chili Bowl – Combo $6.29

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