Hot Dog On A Stick Latest Menu Prices

Hot Dog on a Stick is a famous food chain that serves Hot Dogs as well as a shopping mall. This means you can go shopping and enjoy shopping while enjoying delicious food. Prior to going to the restaurant, you must read the Hot Dog in a Stick Menu and Prices List 2021.

Here, I’ve tried my best to provide the correct information. However, it is important to go to for yourself on the Hot Dog on a Stick official website for their menu and also to find an accurate cost. However, the restaurant is able to alter its prices at any moment.

On this site, look over the most recent Hot Dog on Stick Menu Prices. Stick Price List that includes Hot Dog on Stick Secret Menu Price, Hot Dog on Stick Hidden Menu Prices and Hot Dog on the Stick Meal Menu Price Hot Dog on Stick Price, and Hot Dog on a Stick Pricing for Catering Menus which is something to consider prior to making a purchase on the internet.


Hot Dog on a Stick Main Menu Prices 2021

Funnel Cake Sticks Our funnel cake sticks are cooked to a golden brown and then served to you with a sprinkle of powdered sugar or with your choice of chocolate or raspberry drizzle.
Hot Dog in a Bun A juicy beef hot dog grilled to perfection, blanketed in a gourmet bun, and offered with a variety of condiments.
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Choice of either cherry, lime, sugar-free, or original lemonade.
Hot Dog On A Stick Our hot dog on a stick is made just for you and served to you sizzling hot right out of the cooker. Mustard and ketchup are available to compliment the taste sensation of a hot dog on a stick.

Hot Dog on a Stick Sides & Beverage Menu Price 2021

French Fries Our french fries are made from extra fancy shoestring Idaho potatoes and are cooked in a cottonseed, canola oil blend to golden perfection. Hot dog on a stick’s french fries round out a delicious $3.17

Hot Dog on a Stick Popular Items Menu Price 2021

Beef $3.53

Hot Dog on a Stick Menu Prices 2021

Veggie $3.56
Turkey $3.50

Hot Dog on a Stick Party Packs To Go Menu Prices 2021

One Gallon Fresh Lemonade $15.07
Three Gallons Fresh Lemonade $40.22
Party Pack – 25 Sticks $50.22

Hot Dog on a Stick Cheese on a Stick Menu Price 2021

Cheese on a Stick Hot dog on a stick uses a delicious blend of American cheese or a slightly spicy Jack cheese with mild jalapeno peppers to create our two types of cheese on a stick. Mustard and ketchup are available American – $3.50

Pepper Jack – $3.50

Hot Dog on a Stick 2 for $5.55 Menu Price 2021

2 for $5.55 $5.58

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