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Latest Jamba Juice Menu

Latest Jamba Juice Menu Are you a health-conscious person? If you’re in search of an organic juice that is healthy and of different varieties, Jamba Juice is the ideal option for you. Check out to see the Latest Jamba Juice menu prices for 2021.

If you’d like to know what’s on the prices of Jamba Juice’s menu List, before going to the restaurant or placing an order for food online. You can easily look up Jamba Juice Menu and Price List. Prices and Menu for Juice at Jamba.

Below, I’ve listed Jamba Juice’s classic menu Costs, Jamba Juice Catering Menu Prices, Jamba Juice Smoothies Menu prices that you could look at before visiting an eatery or ordering on the internet.

Jamba Juice Menu

Be aware that Jamba Juice prices and the availability of menu items are subject to change depending on the location. Check out Jamba Juice’s official website. Jamba Juice official site for the Latest and Current Jamba Juice Menu Price. Also, you can look up Jamba Juice’s Secret Menu. Jamba Juice Secret Menu.

But, before you know the Jamba Juice menu Cost (2021 New Update), let’s check out the details about Jamba Juice.

Background of Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice was founded on March 31, 1990, by Perron. The company is an American firm that produces blended juices of fruits and vegetable smoothies, as well as other similar products.

Jamba Juice is known for alternatives that are plant-based and without sugar on its menu. Their motto is “Blend in the Good” and that’s the exact thing they’re doing in every branch.

Cold Brew Coffee Smoothies

 La Vida Mocha $7.00
 Lotta Horchata $7.01

Classic Smoothies

 Mango-A-Go-Go® $6.59
 Matcha Lemon Squeeze™ $6.31
 Caribbean Passion $5.94
 Caribbean Passion® $6.54
 Razzmatazz® $6.58
 Strawberry Surf Rider™ $6.54
 Razzmatazz $5.94
 Aloha Pineapple® $6.59
 Strawberries Wild $6.03
 Strawberries Wild® $6.93
 Strawberry Surf Rider $5.91
 Orange Dream Machine® $6.99

Plant-Based Smoothies

 Smooth Talkin’ Mango™ $7.09
 Mega Mango™ $7.09
 Strawberry Whirl™ $7.07
 Pomegranate Paradise™ $7.07
 Peach Perfection™ $7.08
 Apple ‘N Greens™ $7.08
 Amazing Greens® $7.56
 Greens ‘N Ginger™ $7.12
 Vanilla Blue Sky $7.80
 Golden Turmeric Spice $6.99

Power Smoothies

 PB & Banana Protein $7.36
 PB Chocolate Love™ $7.42
 Protein Berry Workout™ with soy $7.44
 Protein Berry Workout™ with whey $7.47
 Acai Super-Antioxidant™ $7.42
 Orange-C Booster™ $7.46

Fresh Squeezed Juice

 Orange Supreme $7.09
 Cucumber Orange Cooler $7.09
 Veggie Vitality $7.09
Great Greens $7.13

Specialty Smoothies

 Amazing Greens $6.95

Kids Smoothies

 Blueberry Strawberry Blast-off™ $3.66
 Strawberries Gone Bananas™ $3.65


 Acai Primo™ $8.89
Chunky Strawberry™ $8.91
 Island Pitaya™ $8.89
 Nutty Almond Butter $8.95
 Peachy Green Goodness $8.91
 PB Wow Cacao $8.05


 Organic Steel-Cut Oatmeal. Available until 10:30 a.m. daily. $3.90

Ready to Drink Shots

 Turmeric $3.43
 Wheatgrass $3.41
 Ginger $3.39


 PB Banana Toast $4.04
 Apple Cinnamon Pretzel $2.54
 Bacon, Roasted Tomato, Spinach + Feta Breakfast Sandwich $4.43
 Roasted Tomato, Spinach & Feta Breakfast Sandwich $4.43
 Turkey Sausage ‘n Cheese Breakfast Wrap $4.00
 Turkey Sausage, Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Breakfast Sandwich $4.43
 Sourdough Parmesan Pretzel $2.53
 Spinach ‘n Cheese Breakfast Wrap $4.02
 Cheddar Tomato Twist $2.54
 Sweet Belgian Waffle $2.53
 4 Cheese Flatbread $4.10
 Four Cheese Flatbread $4.10
 Sweet ‘n Spicy Flatbread $4.20

Bottled Beverages

GIVN Water $2.37
Bai Antioxidant Molokai Coconut $3.19
Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk $1.75
Bai Antioxidant Brasilia Blueberry $3.18


Clif Bar Strawberry Twisted Z-Fruit $1.71
Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Bar $2.16
Popchips Chips BBQ $1.71
Kind Bar Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt $2.30
Popchips Chips Sea Salt $1.73

Jamba Juice, The information on the price list is a broad description of the menu that is served in the restaurant. Therefore, if you request Italian food in a Mexican restaurant, you might be mistaken. Therefore, it is recommended to have a glance over the menu and the price list before you order the food. Then, whether it is available in the restaurant is recognized. Thank you for your time on the site, and you can refer this article to your family and friends too or recommend to others the dishes that the restaurant serves.

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