Latest Primo Hoagies Menu 2022 ☚

Primo Hoagies Menu serves a unique and diverse selection of Italian sandwiches. If you love sandwiches, then absolutely visit them. However, prior to deciding to go there be sure to know the latest menu.

This is just a brief outline of what’s on the menu. So make sure to look over the full menu listed below. In addition to the menu, I’ve included contact as well as nutritional and franchise details. Before you jump into our menus, we’ll take an overview of the background.

Primo Hoagies Menu

Latest Primo Hoagies Menu 2022


Our Specialties

Italian Small $5.99
Italian Primo® $8.49
Italian Whole $19.99
Mild Italian Small $5.99
Mild Italian Primo® $8.49
Mild Italian Whole $19.99
Sharp Italian Small $5.99
Sharp Italian Primo® $8.79
Sharp Italian Whole $19.99
Mild Sharp Italian Small $5.99

The “Diablos”

The “Diablos”

Spicy, Yet Cool – Made With Our Original Blend of Spices

Turkey Diablo Small $5.99
Turkey Diablo Primo® $8.59
Turkey Diablo Whole $19.99
Tuna Diablo Small $5.99
Tuna Diablo Primo® $8.79
Tuna Diablo Whole $19.99
Big “T” Diablo Small $5.99
Big “T” Diablo Primo® $8.49
Big “T” Diablo Whole $19.99
Chicken Diablo Small $6.59

Cutlet Combos

Cutlet Combos

Buffalo Cutlet Small $6.99
Buffalo Cutlet Primo® $8.99
Buffalo Cutlet Whole $21.99
Bada Bing Small $6.99
Bada Bing Primo® $8.99
Bada Bing Whole $20.99
Bada Boom Small $6.99
Bada Boom Primo® $8.99
Bada Boom Whole $20.99
Whacked Chicken Small $6.99

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice

Tuna Delight Small $6.49
Tuna Delight Primo® $8.79
Tuna Delight Whole $19.99
Healthy Cheese Small $4.99
Healthy Cheese Primo® $7.49
Healthy Cheese Whole $18.99
Slim “T” Small $5.99
Slim “T” Primo® $8.49
Slim “T” Whole $19.99
Healthy Ham & Cheese Small $5.99

People also ask

What sizes are Primo Hoagies?

Primo Hoagies prices can be compared to sub-sandwich restaurant chains but maybe slightly more depending on where you live. There are three sizes available: whole, small, and Primo.

What comes on a Primo hoagie?

It’s more than a hoagie! Marinated mozzarella, pepperoni bites, sharp provolone, roasted red peppers, olive shooters, buffalo cheese bites & soppressata.

What is primo price?

PRIMO’s current price is $0.000578. This is an increase of 21% in the last 24 hours. PRIMO’s market capitalization is $1.30M. 24-hour PRIMO volume is $2,369. It is ranked 1223 in the market capital rank. The circulating supply is 2,250,000,000, and the maximum supply is 2,730,001,606.

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