Noma Menu With Prices 2022

Noma Menu With Prices

Noma Menu With Prices What would it be like dining in the most prestigious restaurant on earth? If you also would like to experience this, Noma is a place to go.

The three-Michelin-starred restaurant is called “World’s top restaurant”. It offers healthy and elegant meals accompanied by world-class wines or juice fresh. This is where I’ll share the menu and prices for Noma restaurant. Noma restaurant.

Noma Menu With Prices

Noma restaurant features three categories of food on its menu. The most popular categories are forest and games season, and ocean season.

The season of the ocean has an array of lunch menus. Each menu features the freshest seasonal food items are served along with a selection of juice and wine. You can enjoy your ideal dinner at Noma at a price of DKK 2900 and also enjoy wines for DKK 1800.

Noma Menu Prices

Noma Menu Prices

The season of the forest and game menu is served from September 23rd until the 18th of December. The menu includes dishes to celebrate the autumn with meat as the star course of the menu.

It is cooked with vegetables and flowers. Fresh berries and mushrooms harvested from the forest add to the joy of the season.

The menu for the season of the ocean runs from January 18th through May 21st. The restaurant serves fresh and nutritious products taken from oceans.

The menu is served with juice or wine. The season of the ocean has a different lunch menu. This menu offers wine-paired meals as well as juice-paired meals.

Take a look at the tables for the cost of the menu items. It is also possible to check the nutritional content of the menu items. I’ve also provided links to other important sites and social media handles for Noma.

Game & Forest Season

Menu DKK 2,800
Wining Pairing DKK 1,800
Juice Pairing DKK 1,800

Ocean Season

Menu DKK 2,900
Wine Pairing DKK 1,800
Juice Pairing DKK 1,000

Ocean Season: Lunch

Menu With Wine Pairing Package DKK 4,900
Menu With Juice Pairing Package DKK 4,100

Noma Nutritional Information

Health Inspection Report find smiley.DK/735508

Noma has a health inspection report to check the nutritional value of the food items served here. Click on the link above and follow the instructions mentioned on the website to have the nutritional information on the menu.

Noma Franchising Details

Noma is famous for its new nordic cuisine and incredible restaurant service. It has been entitled as “World’s best restaurant” four times. The restaurant management is not looking forward to any franchises yet. We update the information here when Noma reveals its franchise details. You can contact them for any business-related queries from an email in the table below.

Business Related Enquiries

Noma Contact Information 

Noma Head Office Address: Noma, Refshalevej 96, 1432, Copenhagen K

Noma Phone: +45 3296 3297

Noma Email Address:

VAT no.: DK-27394698

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 17:00 – 23:00

Phone Line Hours: Monday – Friday, 11:00 – 16:00

Reservation Email: (for private dining, up to 24 guests)

Job Application Email:

Intern Application Email:

Admin and Other Applications Email:

Media Related And Other Enquiries:

Important links 

Official Website
Press And Other Enquiries
Weather Report

Social Media Handles




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