Oporto Menu Prices 2022 ✓

Oporto Menu Prices 2022

Oporto Menu Prices You’re a citizen of Portugal and are missing the traditional Portuguese food. You are now located in Victoria, Australia, and trying to find a place serving authentic Portuguese food. 

The search that you have conducted has brought the way to Oporto? Check out the details prior to you heading to the restaurant.

In this article, I’ve written about Oporto The best Portuguese theme establishment in Australia. If you’re interested in knowing how I chose it to be the most, then check out the information I offer. It contains Oporto Menu prices as well as contact details as well as franchise information. the nutritional breakdown of all the dishes that are on Oporto’s menu. Oporto menu.

Oporto Franchise Details

Oporto is a fast-food chain restaurant located in Australia established with Antonio Cerqueira in the year in 1986. The first location they opened was located in North Bondi, New South Wales, Australia. They operate more than 150 locations across Australia and their main office is located in Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia.

Oporto Menu Prices

Oporto Menu includes sumptuous bundles of delicious burgers and wraps, mouthwatering food items, crunchy and chewy chicken Salad with a zing, savory kids menu, hot food, and side dishes.

Oporto Menu also has delightful and delicious desserts with tasty drinks and a delicious sauce that can be enjoyed with an array of food items and the chicken they serve is 100 percent Australian Chicken.

Share Meals

Share Meals Price
Whole Chicken Feed $32.45
Meal for 2 $40.00
Burger Meal (For 4) $50.00
Double Chicken Feed $71.45
Feast Together Meal $78.00

Meal Boxes

Meal Boxes Price
Chicken & Burger Box $22.05
Build Your Own Box $21.45
Half Chicken Box $20.80
Quarter Chicken Box $14.30

Flame Grilled Chicken, Tenders & Strips

Flame Grilled Chicken, Tenders & Strips Price
Crispy Chicken Strips (3 Pack) $7.15
Crispy Chicken Strips (5 Pack) $10.40
5 Pack Crispy Strips Meal $16.25
Grilled Tenders (4 Pack) $11.65
4 Pack Grilled Tenders Meal $17.50
Crispy Chicken Strips (8 Pack) $13.65
8 Pack Crispy Strips Meal $19.50
Quarter Chicken $9.10
Half Chicken $14.30
Whole Chicken $22.10


Burgers Without Meal With Meal
Vegan Burger $13.00 $18.85
Halloumi and Chicken Burger $14.95 $20.80
Bondi Burger® $11.65 $17.50
Triple Bondi Burger® $14.25 $20.10
Oprego Burger $11.65 $17.50
Triple Oprego Burger $14.25 $20.10
Otropo Burger $13.65 $19.50
Triple Otropo Burger $16.25 $22.10
Veggie Burger $11.65 $17.50


Rappers Without Meal With Meal
Halloumi and Chicken Rappa $15.54 $21.39
Pulled Chicken Rappa $12.30 $18.15
Bondi Rappa $11.65 $17.50
Chicken Rappa® $11.65 $17.50
Vegan Rappa $13.00 $18.85


Salads Without Meal With Meal
Pulled Chicken Bowl $18.15 $24.00
Chicken Salad $14.25 $20.10
Chicken & Fetta Salad $16.85 $22.70
Vegan Salad $15.55 $21.40

Vegan and Veggie Range

Vegan and Veggie Range Without Meal With Meal
Vegan Rappa $13.00 $18.85
Vegan Burger $13.00 $18.85
Veggie Burger $11.65 $17.50
Vegan Salad $15.55 $21.40

Kid-O’s Meals

Kid-O’s Meals Price
Kid-O’s Chicken & Cheese Burger Meal $12.00
Kid-O’s RappSnacker™ Meal $12.00
Kid-O’s Crispy Chicken Strips Meal $12.00
Kid-O’s Grilled Chicken Tenders Meal $12.00

Snacks and Sides

Snacks and Sides Price
Single Chips $5.15
Share Chips $7.80
Chilli Cheese Chips $9.10
Share Spicy Chicken Bolas $9.10
Single Spicy Chicken Bolas $5.15
3 Jalapeño Bites $5.15
Single Spicy Rice $5.15
Share Spicy Rice $7.80
Single Crunchy Slaw $5.15
Share Crunchy Slaw $7.80
Single Corn $5.15
Share Corn $7.80
Single Portuguese Tomato Salad $5.15
Share Portuguese Tomato Salad $7.80
Single Garden Salad $5.15
Pita & Garlic Dip $5.15
10 Crispy Chicken Strips $19.95
10 Jalapeno Bites $19.95
Family Spicy Bolas $19.95


Sweets Price
Churros 6 Pack with Caramel Sauce $5.15
Churros 10 Pack with Caramel Sauce $9.10
Chocolate Mousse $5.15


Sauces Price
Original Chilli Sauce $1.30
Lemon and Herb $1.00
Prego $1.00
Garlic $1.30
Mayo $1.00
Extremo Picante Chilli $1.30
Original Chilli Jar (250ml) $10.40
Pergo Jar (250ml) $10.40


Drinks Price
Coke (600ml) $5.85
Coke No Sugar (600ml) $5.85
Vanilla Coke (600ml) $5.85
Diet Coke (600ml) $5.85
Fanta (600ml) $5.85
Lift (600ml) $5.85
Sprite (600ml) $5.85
Mt Franklin Water (600ml.) $4.55
Mt Franklin Sparkling $4.55
Fuze Peach Ice Tea $6.50
Orange Juice (300ml.) $4.55
Apple Juice (300ml.) $4.55

Oporto Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information myfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/oporto/

Oporto Franchise Details

Oporto has more than 150 franchises in Australia, 10 in New Zealand, and some in India, Sri Lanka, Europe. If you want to open an Oporto franchised store, here is the cost then.

Total Investment  $450,000 and $900,000
Franchise Fee $50,000 

Important Links

Official Website oporto.com.au/
Flame Rewards oporto.com.au/flamerewards/
Locations oporto.com.au/locations/
Career oporto.com.au/careers/

Oporto Contact Information

Oporto Corporate Office Address: Level 5 619 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065

Oporto Corporate Office Phone Number: 0289508450

To contact the team of Oporto you can fill the contact form mentioned on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/oporto/

Twitter: twitter.com/oportoaustralia/

Instagram: instagram.com/oportoaustralia/

YouTube: youtube.com/user/oportoaus/

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