Pancake Parlour Menu With Prices 2022 ❤

Pancake Parlour Menu With Prices

Pancake Parlour Menu If you’re looking for an ideal place to meet your loved ones to enjoy delicious pancakes and a delicious breakfast, then you’ve come to the right spot to find out more about Pancake Parlour’s menu costs.

The Pancake Parlour Menu Prices

In this post, I will inform you what’s on the Pancake Parlour menu. In addition to the menu, I will provide franchising information as well as contact details and a nutritional breakdown for every item that is on the menu of Pancake Parlour. Here is a brief background of the chain restaurant.

The Pancake Parlour Menu Prices

In the Pancake Parlour menu, you will find different types of pancakes but it’s not all about the pancakes, you will also find fish, chicken, salads and savoury crepes as well as a variety of breakfasts dishes.

The pancakes come in dozens of flavours. This includes Alice’s Wonderland Surprise, blueberry pancake with bacon and eggs, The Bishop’s Bacon and Egg, and many more things.

The Pancake Parlour menu prices are also very much reasonable as their cupcake prices fall between $5 and $25. So, let’s check out the Pancake Parlour Menu Prices.

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu Price
Cheese Kransky & Eggs $19.90
Design Your Own Breakfast $13.50
Traditional Bacon & Eggs $18.90
Country Breakfast $22.90
Farmer’s Breakfast $18.50

Pancake Stacks

Pancake Stacks Price
Short Stack $13.50
Regular Stack $16.50

All Day Menu

All Day Menu Price
Cheese & Potato Pancake $23.90
Deluxe Fries $18.90
Spinach & Feta Crepes $24.90
Cajun Caesar Salad $25.40
Chicken Parmigiana $29.90
Strawberries $19.90
Chocolate Chip $19.90
Jamaican Banana $19.90
IT $19.90
Tiramisu $19.90


Drinks Price
Swiss Mountain Malt $10.50
Traditional House-Made Lemonade $6.50
House-Made Lemon Iced Tea $6.50
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice $5.90
Pineapple Juice $4.90
Beechworth Apple Juice $4.90
Sparkling Mineral Water $5.00

Beer & Cider (From the Bar)

Beer & Cider Price
Victoria Bitter $8.90
Cascade Light $8.60
Corona $9.90
Asahi $9.90
Ginger Kid Ginger Beer | 330ml $9.90
Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider | 300ml $9.90

White Wine (From the Bar)

White Wine Price
Angove Long Row Moscato | 187ml $11.00
McGuigan Black Label Chardonnay | 187ml $11.00
McGuigan Black Label Sauvignon Blanc | 187ml $11.00

Sparkling Wine (From the Bar)

Sparkling Wine Price
McGuigan Black Label Brut | 200ml $13.50

Red Wine (From the Bar)

Red Wine Price
McGuigan Black Label Shiraz | 187ml $11.00
McGuigan Black Label Merlot | 187ml $11.00

The Pancake Parlour Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

The Pancake Parlour Franchising Information

It is a family-owned business and no one from outside can buy the franchise right now, maybe after some time they will think of this and at that time I will let you know about this.

Right now The Pancake Parlour has 11 stores in Australia and this brand does not have any franchise outside Australia.

The Pancake Parlour Contact Information

The Pancake Parlour Head Office Address: 152 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, 3000

The Pancake Parlour Head Office Phone Number: +61 3 9663 4511

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