Spudulike Menu With Prices 2022

Spudulike Menu With Prices

Spudulike Menu Spudulike menu items were recreated by TV’s most famous Chef James Martin! The restaurant serves “Spud-you-like” as you might imagine from its name.

It’s got a huge selection of potatoes cooked and served in the manner we like them. Are you curious about the most recent menu? Well! I’m here today to reveal the most recent menu at Spudulike as well as some additional information about the restaurant.

Spudulike has multiple baked potato combinations like potato & butter, potato & beans & cheese, potato & tuna sweetcorn.

It also comes with delicious side dishes and kid’s meals such as garlic bread and potatoes, cheese, beans and cheese, potato and beans, etc.

There are also sweets and drinks such as lemon curd muffins white chocolate cookies, espresso, herbal tea, and others. You can get most of these foods at lesser than PS 6.

Spudulike Menu Prices

Spudulike Menu Prices

Enjoy simple dishes at Spudulike. There is a wide variety of baked potatoes, including potatoes and butter, potato and cheese, potato and bean, and potato & coleslaw. 

A majority of these recipes are James Martin’s take on the traditional Spudulike food items. I’m certain there’s no restaurant serving these delicious meals that are made of potatoes.

The restaurant has also introduced tasty variations of baked potatoes in the menu that have been updated. Explore the delicious fillings like chili corn carne and chicken tikka with potato. 

Don’t forget to sample delicious food items at Spudulike such as garlic bread as well as pickle chicken tikka, coleslaw beans, and many others.

Potatoes Baked And Filled

Classic Beans £ 3.84
Coleslaw Salad £ 3.99
Cottage Cheese & Chives
(low fat from Longley Farm)
£ 4.09
Egg Mayo
(made with Hellmann’s Light)
£ 3.94
Grated Cheese & Pickle
(with Branston Pickle)
£ 3.89
Chilli Con Carne £ 4.89
Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo
(made with Hellmann’s Light)
£ 4.99
Chicken Tikka £ 5.29
Prawn Cocktail
(made with Hellmann’s Light)
£ 5.99

Potatoes Crushed And Topped

Rocket & Parmesan With tossed pine nuts and a potato dressing £ 3.95
Greek Feta Salad With olives, sun blushed tomatoes and a basil dressing £ 5.79
Line-Caught Tuna With sliced egg, red onion, and a classic French dressing £ 5.69
Parma Ham With dry-cured ham, parmesan, and balsamic dressing £ 4.84
Chicken Caesar Salad With chicken breast, parmesan, and a Cardini Caesar salad £ 6.29


Branston Pickle £ 0.30
Garlic Bread (3 slices) £ 1.45
Garlic Bread (2 slices) £ 1.00
Chopped Red Onion £ 0.30
Extra Cheese £ 1.00
Coleslaw Salad £ 1.10
Bacon Pieces £ 0.50


Cold Drinks

Pepsi/Diet Pepsi £ 1.40
Pepsi Max/ 7 UP £ 1.40
Tango £ 1.40
Mineral Water £ 1.40
Juicy Drench £ 1.60
Orange/Apple Juice £ 2.00
Fruit Shoot £ 1.00

Hot Drinks

Tea £ 1.20
Coffee £ 1.60
Cappuccino £ 1.80
Caffe Latte £ 1.85
Caffe Mocha £ 1.90
Deluxe Hot Chocolate £ 1.95

Spudulike Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information myfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts/spudulike
Ingredients Information spudulikebyjamesmartin.com/our-ingredients

Spudulike Franchising Details

Spudulike is known for its amazing food and captivating interior. This restaurant chain has started earning more fans after James Martin teamed up with a potato firm, Albert Bartlett to reinvent Spudulike’s menu. If you want to own the Spudulike franchise, read the table below. You can contact the team of Spudulike to inquire about the franchise of Spudulike.

Minimum Investment £ 50,000
Total Investment Min. £ 50,000

Spudulike Contact Information 

Spudulike Head Office Address: K01, The Food Court, The Trafford Centre, Manchester, M17 8AA 

Spudulike Phone: 020 8830 2424

Spudulike Email Address: contactus@spudulikebyjamesmartin.com

Spudulike Head Office Email: recruitment@spudulikebyjamesmartin.com

You can fill the contact form for any inquiries about Spudulike.

Important links 

Official Website spudulikebyjamesmartin.com
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About Spudulike spudulikebyjamesmartin.com/our-story

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/Spudulike

Instagram: instagram.com/spudulikebyjamesmartin

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