Stella’s Menu With Prices 2022

Stella’s Menu With Prices

Stella’s Menu Restaurants have not sacrificed their fundamental values or dedication to excellence. The place to receive the finest food to take away your food stains is Stella’s. where you can find the true meaning of high-quality food.

Stella’s provides a simple healthy menu that includes baked bread made in-house soups, jams, soups, and sandwiches to dine-in or take-away. The most popular dish served at the restaurant is their grass-fed beef chili, which is priced at approximately $16.00.

It’s just a brief summary of what they offer. the entire menu can be found below. Beyond the menu, I’ll give you the information about franchising, contact details, and the nutrition breakdown of the dishes available on Stella’s menu. Before that, we go over some background information about Stella’s.

Stella’s is a restaurant based in Canada that was established in 1999 by Tore, Leela, Tomas, and Anneen. The first establishment they established was located in the Winnipeg market located at the address 166 Osborne Street in 1999.

Stella’s Menu Prices

There are also separate menus for drinks such as beverages, wines as well as cocktails, coffees, and other drinks. For desserts that are sweet, like cakes such as carrot cake and chocolate cake. The people who are fond of baristas’ menu items and bakery products also offer menus for these individuals.

Stella’s is the place where you can get ready to serve food dishes. The staff of Stella’s is enthusiastic and is always eager to help. The atmosphere they create at their restaurant is full of enthusiasm.

Stella’s menus are reasonably priced. Therefore, without a delay for the most current prices on their menus.

Breakfast All Day

Tofu Scramble $11.95
Grand Veg $12.95
Vegan Mexican $12.95
Oatmeal $7.45
Breakfast Sandwich $8.95
Bacon and Egg Croissant $9.45
Mexican Breakfast $13.95
Salmon Benedict $16.95
Chorizo Hash 13.95
Baked Eggs $12.45
Cafe Breakfast $11.95
Veggie Cafe $10.95
Smoked Salmon Breakfast $16.95
Maple Caramel French Toast $12.95
French Toast $11.45
Buttermilk Pancakes $11.95
Pancake Breakfast $13.95

Lighter Fare

Fresh Fruit Parfait $9.95
Simply Scrambled $7.95
Waffle $7.95
Two Eggs and Toast $6.95
One Buttermilk Pancake $4.95
Grilled Scone or Cinnamon Bun $5.45
Fruit Cup $5.45


Go Green $8.45
Almond Joy $8.45
Mango Express $8.45
Stella’s Original $8.45


Lox and Spinach $16.95
Mediterranean $15.45
French Country $15.45
Vegetable $15.45
Canadian $15.45


Gourmet Soup $7.45
House Salad $11.45
Spinach Salad $11.45
Arugula Salad $8.95
Soup and Salad Combo $11.95
Wolseley Salad $14.45
Kale and Quinoa Salad $11.45
Caesar Salad $11.45


Grilled Vegetable $14.45
Egg Salad $13.45
Pesto, Tomato, and Havarti $14.45
Stella’s Club $16.45
Vegetarian $14.45
Chicken Provolone $15.95
Toasted Tuna $14.45
Guacamole B.L.T. $15.45
Smoked Salmon $16.95
Pepper Jelly, Chicken and Brie $15.45


Garden $14.45
Quinoa $14.95
Salmon Fillet $17.95
Chicken $15.45
Grass-Fed Beef $15.45
B&E Burger $17.45
Mushroom and Havarti $16.95
Guacamole and Bacon $17.95

To Share

Mezze Plate $13.95
Brussels Sprouts $11.45
Cheese Toast $7.95
Cauliflower Bites $11.95
Poutine $10.95
Sliders and Potato Cuts $11.95
Potato Cuts $3.95

Curries and Chill

Chickpea Curry $15.45
Thai Curry $15.45
Chicken Curry $17.45
Grass-Fed Beef Chili $15.95


Ratatouille $15.95
Pad Thai $15.95
Dragon Bowl $15.95
Jambalaya $17.95
Roasted Garlic Linguine $16.45
Veggie Lasagna $16.45
Pesto Cream Linguine $16.95
Tourtiere $16.45
Fish Tacos $16.45
Scandinavian Gravlax $17.45


House Wine (White| Sauvignon Blanc Red| Cabernet Sauvignon) $10.00
Spritzer $8.00
Mimosa $39.00
San Giorgio Pinot Grigio $36.00
Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc $39.00
Nuevo Mundo Sauvignon Blanc $34.00
Rose (QUINTELA ROSE) $34.00
Circus Malbec $38.00
Sterling Vintners Cabernet Sauv $32.00
Fonte Dei Borghi Chianti $34.00
Red Rock Marlot $36.00
Honoro Vera Monastrell $34.00
Prosecco Dei Pronol $12.00
Cecilia Beretta Spumante $34.00

Beverages and Desserts


Local (Barn Hammer | Lousy Beatnik Barn Hammer | Grandpa’s Sweater Little Brown Jug | 1919) $7.00
Local (Half Pints | Bulldog Amber Ale Half Pints | St. James Pale Ale Half Pints | Little Scrapper IPA Fort Garry | Dark) $6.00
Domestic (Coors Light, Budweiser, Alexander Keiths) $6.00
Import (Stella Artois, Steigl Radler, Sol) $6.50
Cider (Lonetree Apple Pear, Lonetree Authentic Dry Apple) $7.00

Specialty Coffees

Baileys Latte $7.00
Blueberry Tea $7.00
Chocolate Disaronno $7.00
Iced Baileys Macchiato $7.00
Jump Start $9.00
Oaxaca Chaka $7.00


Classic Caesar $8.50
Dark and Stormy $8.50
Martini $9.50
Memphis Mule $8.50
Paloma $8.50
Long Island Iced Tea $8.50
Mojito $9.50
Pimm’s Cup $8.50
Tequila Sunrise $8.50
Whiskey Sour $8.50
Old Fashioned $9.50
Negroni $9.50
Spirits $6.50


Chocolate Cake $8.00
Carrot Cake $8.00
Chocolate Torte $7.50

Barista Menu

Brewed Coffee $2.95
Tea $2.95
Caffe Americano $3.25
Cappucino $4.25
Caffe Latte $4.25
Chocolate Cortado $4.25
Chai Latte $4.25
London Fog $4.75
Caffe Mocha $4.25
Hot Chocolate $4.25
Cold Brew $4.00
Brewed Iced Tea $4.25
Lemonade $3.50
Juice $4.75
Milk $3.00
Pellegrino, Flavoured $3.50
Pellegrino, Plain $4.50


Multigrain Bread, Sliced Loaf $4.75
Sourdough Bread, Sliced Loaf $5.25
6Pk Cinnamon Buns $19.95

Stella’s Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the food items present on Stella’s menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Stella’s Contact Information

Stella’s Corporate Office Address: Unit 16 – 1100 Waverley Street

Stella’s Corporate Office Phone Number: 204 487 8393

You can also contact the team of Stella’s by filling their contact form on their website.

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