Zambrero Menu With Prices 2022 ✔

Zambrero Menu With Prices

Zambrero Menu Are you in search of a place that serves nutritious and tasty food for a reasonable cost? If so, Zambrero is the perfect restaurant for you.

Zambrero provides healthy and tasty dishes that are infused with modernity, such as burritos and tacos, bowls, nachos along corn and other sides. The most well-known dish offered by the establishment is Mexican tacos which are available for the cost of A$6.60.

Zambrero Menu Prices

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll provide you with details regarding Zambrero menu pricing, contact information as well as franchise information. nutritional breakdown of the dishes that are within Zambrero’s Menu. Zambrero Menu.

The first restaurant opened in Lonsdale Street, Braddon in 2005. Since then, they have opened there have been 202 restaurants in Australia and around the world.

The main office of Zambrero is located in Australia. The people who visit Zambrero because have donated one meal for people in need around the world, no matter what you consume in their store.

Let me begin by describing the reason for opening Zambrero and the time it first started. It was founded with Dr. Sam Prince in 2005. A medical student, he started Mexican food with the goal of providing meals to those in need who are able to pay for it.

Zambrero Menu Prices

Zambrero’s menu is a mix of Mexican food options like burritos as well as quesadillas, tacos, and tortillas with delicious sweet and sour flavor bowls with amazing flavors chips, nachos, chips, and dips that are delicious and other food items too.

There are desserts, drinks, and an array of sauces from the Zambrero menu, which you can take along with your chips. If you plan to go to Zambrero with your family or friends, your family, you can choose in their dining section and also.

There are two main reasons customers love Zambrero. The first is that they offer Vegan items in their menus as well. Another reason is that they run the Plate 4 Plate initiative. This means that for each burrito, bowl, or other item purchased at Zambrero and Zambrero, a meal will be given to a person in need.

As of now, they have donated more than 40 million meals to those in need through their plate 4-plate system. they provide the highest quality food and service with a super-friendly staff.

Zambrero’s menu prices are similar in comparison to the other Mexican restaurants. The menu for Nachos starts at $6, and their burritos start at about $10. So, before you wait take a look at the current Zambrero menu, including prices.

Burritos and Bowls

Burrito A$16.20
Bowl A$16.20
Small Burrito A$13.00

Nachos and Tacos

Nachos A$18.70
Small Nachos A$8.00
Soft Tacos A$6.60
Hard Tacos A$6.60
Dos Capas A$7.20


Burrito IQ A$18.70
Bowl IQ A$18.70
Power Burrito A$20.50
Power Burrito A$18.70

Corn Chips and Sides

Corn Chips A$2.40
Side of Guacamole A$2.50
Side of Basil Sauce $1.30
Side of Chipotle Sauce $1.30
Side of Garlic Sauce $1.30
Side of Red Chilli Sauce $1.30
Side of Secret BBQ Sauce $1.30
Side of Trezigo Sauce $1.30
Side of Verde Sauce $1.30


Brownie A$4.90
Blondie A$4.90
Caramel Cashew A$3.70
Choc Hazelnut A$3.70


Soft Drinks A$5.20
Probiotics A$4.50
Soft Drinks A$5.90
Juices A$3.40
Iced Tea A$5.30
Probiotics A$6.20
Shine A$5.70

Zambrero Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Zambrero Franchise Details

Zambrero has more than 202 restaurants in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and United States. with more than 1000 employees and if you want to open a Zambrero store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise Cost $30,000
Investment $350,000-$450,000

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Official Website
Plate 4 Plate

Contact Information

Zambrero Corporate Office Address: Level 2/ 80 Wentworth Ave Sydney, NSW 2010, AU

Zambrero Support Phone Number- +61 2 9212 2166

You can also contact the team of Zambrero by using the contact form on their website.

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